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Three and Four Year Old Funding

For useful documents, please click on a link below:

  • Change of contact form (PDF)

  • Revised deadline dates Autumn 2020

    Changes to Autumn Term Funding

     We are writing to update you on the arrangements for Autumn Term early years entitlement funding. Please read this carefully as the arrangements are different to previous years.

    We know that this has been a difficult year for providers and many of you will be in a different financial position to what you may have expected. You may also be expecting fewer children to access your provision from September, at least initially.

    In order to help with cashflow at the beginning of term and allow time for parents to become confident to bring their children back to childcare, we will be making some changes to Autumn Term funding arrangements as follows: 

    • Payments will be made earlier than normal (please see attached deadline dates sheet)
    • The advance (Forecast ) payment will be 75% of the terms estimate instead of the normal 50%.

    You may be aware that the Department for Education has issued guidance to local authorities regarding ensuring that providers receive broadly similar levels of funding for the Autumn Term that they might have expected to receive without the coronavirus pandemic. We have therefore carried out a comparison analysis between 2019 autumn funding levels and forecast payments for autumn 2020.  This has shown that funding claims are slightly down compared to this time last year, but we hope that in the majority of cases the increased advance forecast payment of 75% will ensure cashflow levels remain broadly similar. We also anticipate that in many cases numbers will increase over the course of the term and be accounted for in final adjusted funding. However, we will be closely monitoring payments to settings over the term and will make further changes if necessary.

    In addition to the above it has become apparent that some schools are needing to stagger start dates for their new Reception children over a much longer period than usual. Whilst children moving into Reception would not normally be able to also claim nursery funding, we have concluded that in these exceptional circumstances early years settings will be able to claim funding for these children for a maximum of 15 hours per week during September only. Only one early years setting can claim per child.  If you do offer this can you please claim for these children in the normal way by including them on either your Actual or Amendment tasks. These changes are in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and are not permanent.

    If you are experiencing financial difficulty can you please make contact and these will be looked at on an individual basis.

  • Application for EYFS Funding (.doc)

  • Disability Access Fund - this is a new entitlement which can be claimed from April 2017.  Three and four year old children who are in receipt of child Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and are receiving the free nursery funding entitlement are eligible for the Disability Access Fund (DAF) payment. DAF is paid to the child’s early years setting as a fixed annual rate of £615 per eligible child

  • 'Funded Early Education Choice Framework' - this guide (produced by the Department for Education) explains how a child can take up a funded early education place, what information is available to parents and how to complain.


Funding will be allocated as demonstrated in the table below:

Term Actual weeks Funded weeks
Autumn 2019 14 weeks
Spring 2020 10 weeks
Summer 2020 14 weeks

We would like to remind you that the ECS checker is now live for you to check your 30 hours eligibility codes.  Please note the following:

 Parents need to have their code the 31st August at the latest to be able to claim funding for Autumn Term 2019.

  • Parents need to have completed a new ‘Parent Declaration Form’ before you are able to check their code as this is their authorisation.
  • Codes need to be checked before the child starts accessing the 30 hours.
  • If you have claimed for the child previously you need to complete an ‘existing child’ check not an ‘ad hoc’ check.
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