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Early Help Hub

What is the Early Help Hub (EHH)?

The ‘front door’ to Early Help services led by Cornwall Council and Cornwall Foundation Trust.

Staff within the Early Help Hub will decide whether the child / young person is eligible for support and which service is most appropriate. This is usually in discussion with the person making the request and / or young person / family.

Who is eligible for early help services

Children and young people who are aged pre-birth to 18. If a young person has a special educational need or disability, who have a need for early help care and support, this is extended up to age 25.

Who can request Early Help services?

  • Professionals, parents and young people can request early help.
  • Parents/carers must have Parental Responsibility (PR) if requesting a service for a child. 
  • Young people must be old enough to consent for support themselves (aged 13 or above). 

Professionals must gain consent from a parent or competent young person to make a request for help.

Some early help services can only be requested by a professional.

Parents or professionals can request:

Professional request only:

How do I make an Early Help Request?

  1. Please be aware that you need to give as much information as possible on the request. This is so that the hub can decide the most appropriate support for a child / young person. This also saves time and prevents delays in processing the request.
  2. Every request must have consent from a parent or competent young person. Any without consent will be returned to you.
  3. You need to know which early help service you are requesting so that you can complete the appropriate form. If you are unsure which service is appropriate, then you can write on the request that you are unsure.

Request for help Forms

Health visitor and school nurse advice line

The Health Visitor and School Nurse Advice Line provides health advice, guidance and support. They support families with children / young people aged 0-19.

If a child already has an allocated health visitor or school nurse and further advice is needed then it will be passed to that professional. For those not allocated, a referral to the Health Visiting and School Nursing service will be considered.

  • Tel:  01872 322779 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. If the line is busy you will be able to leave a message and you will receive a call back.
  • Email 

Find out more about Health Visiting and School Nursing

What happens once you have made a request for help?

  1. The Early Help Hub receives your request
  2. The Early Help Hub will carry out extra checks with health, education and social care to ensure we are as well informed as we can be about the request
  3. Your request, with the extra information, will be triaged (within 48 hours) by a team of professionals. They will help you to access the right service, or signpost you to the right support. Requesters and parents may be contacted for further information
  4. Requesters and the family will be informed of the outcome of the request by letter or email.
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