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Special Educational Needs Inclusion Fund

The SEN Inclusion Fund is intended to support local authorities to work with early years providers to address the needs of individual children with lower level, emerging SEN.

In some authorities this fund has been used to fund a small top up amount on the hourly rate for a provider. In other areas there is a single grant process.

In Cornwall, providers stated at the time of the Early Years Funding Formula consultation that this fund should be allocated on a case by case basis. This was to allow for some flexibility and variance in the amount of grant available.

More information can be found on the Cornwall Council website

Who may apply?

Any early years Ofsted registered provider in receipt of early years entitlement funding for children eligible for 2, 3 and 4 year old entitlement (15 or 30 hours funding).

How do providers apply?

Early years providers must complete the application form below ensuring that they follow the guidance and provide the additional information requested.

In order to support providers with this process, regular pre-application webinars will be held throughout the year. These will be advertised and circulated to all providers in advance.

Special Education Needs Inclusion Form Application

What can providers apply for?

Providers can apply for small, single grants, that may be used towards supporting children where there are emerging SEN needs; and the child requires targeted support within the Graduated Response a provider is making for the child.

Grants cannot be awarded without clear evidence of a child’s developmental stages, including clear evidence of the support, resources and reasonable adjustments that have already been put in place by the provider. There must be clear evidence of the purpose of the grant and how or why this is going to benefit the child.

What can a grant be used for?

This fund is to support a provider at the targeted stage of support. A financial contribution will be allocated on a banded system (see SENIF Band Guidance), based on provision outlined in a child’s Individual Provision Plan which forms part of the application form.

Things to remember: 

  1. Always obtain the correct permissions from carers before asking for grant funding
  2. Always use the Graduated Response materials, correct application form and ensure applications are evidence based on the child’s development. Be clear about what it will be used for and how this will benefit the child
  3. Remember that this grant is not a grant for children at the specialist phase of the Graduated Response, who already have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Other funding such as support from the Disability Access Fund (DAF) should be used and the guidance for education, health and care needs assessments followed where children have significant, evidenced, levels of need.’

Panel dates:

June 9th – closing date for requests June 2nd

July 7th – closing date for requests 30th June

The Graduated Response in the Early Years Foundation Stage - Most children with SEN in foundation stage provision in Cornwall have their needs met at SEN support delivered as part of high quality early years practice. This document sets out advice about standards in the foundation stage for children across Cornwall

  • EHC and 30 hours - Providers please note: once you have checked and validated the code please inform the SEN team by email, quoting 'Early 30 hours' in the subject line. Email address: 
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