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Early Years Foundation Stage resources

On this page we hope that if you work within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) you will find the links below helpful within your schools or early years settings. These are all links to nationally available resources that will enable you to:

  • improve quality of practice
  • support others to improve their own practice
  • be clear about Ofsted research findings and evidence of good practice

Fundamentals for all practitioners:

EYFS statutory framework

EYFS Foundation Stage profile:2017 handbook

Guidance on exemptions for individual children

Development matters in the early years foundation stage 

Learning, playing and interacting

Finding and Exploring Young Children’s Fascinations: strengthening the quality of gifted and talented provision in the early years

What to expect, when? A parents’ guide

Tuning in to two year olds.  Improving outcomes for two year olds

For those leading improvement:

Challenging practice to further improve Learning, playing and interacting in the EYFS

Early Years Quality Improvement Support Programme (EYQISP)

Ofsted guidance and support videos for developing good practice within the early years:

Teaching and play in the early years: a balancing act?

Ofsted examples of good practice in early years

Ofsted good practice resources:

Right From the Start - Early Years Good Practice Films

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