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Cornwall Council - The Autism Spectrum Team
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The Autism Spectrum Team during Covid19

The Autism Spectrum Team is continuing to support young people with autism, their educational settings and their families where young people on roll at a school are being educated at home. All work is being undertaken remotely.

The team is continuing to accept new referrals and priority criteria still apply (see below). In relation to current open cases, professionals and carers should contact the advisor who is involved in the case. For more general enquiries there is a new Autism Advice Line for professionals.

The Autism Spectrum Team is a new service supporting young people with autism of school age.

The Autism Spectrum Team is an expansion of the existing Autism Services consisting of advisory teachers, specialist and highly specialist speech and language therapists, a specialist nurse practitioner, educational psychologists and Autism Spectrum Team workers.While the AS Team has a county wide brief it is organised into three area teams, West, Mid and East Cornwall, to provide a more efficient service, each of which has access to a breadth of expertise.

Who is it for?

The Autism Spectrum Team in Cornwall will play a significant role in promoting the inclusion of young people with Autism and in supporting multi agency working to meet the needs of these young people and their families. Professionals within the Autism Spectrum Team will promote a joint problem solving approach and promote interventions that are evidence based.

Training, Interventions and Traded Services

Awareness Raising training - the team will provide a free hour of Awareness Raising training on Autism to any school where a pupil has a diagnosis of Autism. We encourage the school to invite the broadest range of staff available (teaching staff, lunch time staff, support staff) and others, such as the SEN Govenor, to this session.

Bespoke training - training at cost to schools, settings and other professional groups, on various issues including Classroom strategies, Communication and Challenging Behaviour, Sensory Integration, Autism and Sexuality.

Social Skills groups - Social Skills groups for pupils with Autism (and others with social difficulties) in secondary schools, 8 - 10 sessions, for approx 8 pupils. Cost £300 - for further details see Training, Interventions and Traded Services Leaflet.

Autism Champions - Autism Champions is an intervention for secondary schools (usually). It involves the creation of an in-school expert on autism to provide direct support to students and advice to staff and parents. It is based on a model which has been successful in other authorities including Birmingham and Plymouth. Our first cohort of Autism Champions has recently been trained and are now embarking on this role.

Traded Work
In addition to the above interventions, members of the Autism Spectrum Team have some capacity to carry out traded work on a bespoke basis.

This might include:

  • Training in schools and settings (see above)
  • Systems level work in schools and settings
  • Individual casework in independent schools
  • Other work as agreed after discussion (with Manager)

The Autism Spectrum Team consists of:

  • Manager and Senior Educational Psychologist
  • Highly Specialised Speech and Language Therapist
  • Specialist Practioner
  • Autism Spectrum Advisors

Who to contact

0300 1234 101

Other details


Age ranges
4 to 16 years
Referral required
Referral details

Case work

The Autism Spectrum Team will accept referrals on behalf of young people who have a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (in exceptional cases the AST will work with young people who do not yet have a diagnosis, upon discussion and agreement from the Manager).

Referrals to the team must be made by completing the ‘Request for Involvement’ form. This should ideally be completed by a relevent professional together with the young person's parent or carer. A relevent professional would include: a member of school staff, CAMHs, Social Worker, a member of Locality staff. The most appropriate professional will depend upon the specific objective of the work being sought.

It will no longer be possible to refer young people directly to the Communication Advisors or the Intensive Support Team.

When a request for involvement is made to the team they will clearly identify the objective of the involvement and then provide a tailored package using the most appropriate team members which may include:

  • A range of assessments
  • Recommendation of strategies to school staff
  • Recommendation of strategies to parents
  • Interventions carried out within a school
  • Interventions carried out in the home
  • Modelling good practice in the home/ classroom.
  • Coordination of meetings in the school setting

When more than one member of the team is allocated to work with a young person, their school and family, there will be regular internal professional meetings to ensure a coordinated approach to their work. The team in partnership with the family and relevant agencies will also identify when a piece of work is completed and the involvement of the team should end.

Request for involvement form

Inclusion details

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