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Doodles Daycare
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

My name is Aimee and I run Doodles Daycare, I am an Ofsted Registered childminder based in Newquay. I am within walking distance to Porth beach, Trenance play park, Newquay zoo and the town centre. The setting is vary spacious with free flow to a large garden for lots of exploring.

I run my business from my parents house. They all have their own jobs and will not be around during the daytime. They are however, DBS checked and enjoy the children being around. We have one cat, who is very friendly, she is important to us however, she is kept in accordance to a pet policy when the children are around.

At Doodles Daycare we understand the importance of a child’s development. Developing a child’s Personal, Social and Emotional skills will help them to feel confident and to achieve their full potential in all areas of learning. Through resources and sound knowledge of a child’s development we have created a stimulating environment inside and outside. This is a time for your child to make friends, and learn lots of new & exciting things each and every day.

Our days will be filled with lots of wonderful experiences and opportunities for learning and growing.

I am able to provide 2,3 & 4 year old funded childcare.

My fees include: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all activities.

Who to contact

Contact name
Aimee Crook
Contact position
07456 453434

Where to go


Parking is available

Other details


Each session price is per child:
Half day am (8am -1pm) £25
Half day pm (1pm-5.30pm) £21
Full day (8am-5.30pm) £41
Do you offer a free or reduced rate to carers?

Inclusion within our setting

Dietary needs

Has provision
Experience with
Lactose free
Gluten free
Egg intolerance
Nut allergy
Dairy free
Please speak to me about dietary needs as required, we cater to all.

Cultural provisions

Has provision
Languages spoken


Pet provisions

Are there any pets at the setting?
List of pets

Childcare information


Immediate vacancies
Two vacancies for under 5's Three vacancies for age 5 and over
Date updated

Funded places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

Opening times & facilities

Opening times
Opening times
DayOpening timeClosing time
Monday 8 17.30
Tuesday 8 17.30
Wednesday 8 17.30
Thursday 8 17.30
Friday 8 17.30
Saturday 8 13.00

School pickups

Offers pickups

Inclusion details

Saint Piran's Flag
SENCo name
Aimee Crook

Early Years Local Offer response

Learning and development

Systems and strategies we have in place to identify children that may require additional support

I think communication with the main carer is vital, it is important to share the child's interests, abilities, and development levels and the experience. 

I use tapestry to observe and assess the children to see what stage they are at, if i had concerns about the child i would first discuss with the main carer to compare 'notes' to see if they had the same concerns of any others. I would then contact the early help hub if i  was unsure on what help the child requires. 

I would ensure the child receives the support and help they need. 

How we identify and support children's learning and development needs

I use simple observation skills, i watch and listen the children to find out how they are developing, what they enjoy doing and what they are learning through their play and experience.

I share my observations with parents via tapestry and verbally update them when they drop off/collect their child, it is important we work together to decide the child's developmental level and ensure the child is getting support in the areas they need to develop. It also helps to provide further to support the child to develop new interest, learn new skills and acquire new knowledge.

 It is a process that involves sharing information and skills and building relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Open 

 I follow the EYFS framework and do termly assessments and reports which show me where the child is exceeding and where the child requires extra support and development. 

Links we have to other agencies

I have contacts information to the Early help hub should i require it. 

I have contact information for my local authority. 

How we support children transferring to school

I encourage children from a young age to be as independent as possible when it comes to putting shoes on, being able to dress themselves, putting coat on and taking coat off. 

It is important for the children to understand simple things like how to hold pencils correctly, encouraging to write own name. 

Play nicely with other children, sharing, communication. 

It is important for children to develop their social skills and can cope emotionally being separated from their main carer. helping to handle emotions 

Have learnt simple personal care skills and hygiene i.e. washing of hands.


Specialist skills or training our staff have

early years safeguarding and welfare

Support we offer regarding children's health and well-being

Child protection: being alert to any issues for concern in a child’s life and following appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures

Suitable people: checking the suitability of practitioners and other people who have regular contact with children

Staff qualifications, training, support and skills: ensuring staff are sufficiently qualified and have the knowledge and understanding necessary for their role

Key person: assigning a named member of staff to build relationships with the child and parents in order to meet the child’s individual needed

staff-child ratios: ensuring children are adequately supervised at all times

Health: promoting the health of children and implementing procedures regarding illness, infection, food and drink, and accidents

Managing behaviour: using appropriate strategies to manage unwanted behaviour

Safety and suitability of premises, environment and equipment: ensuring that indoor and outdoor space is fit for purpose and suitable for the age of the children and the activities offered

Special educational needs: putting the necessary arrangements in place to support children with SEN or disabilities in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice

Information and records: maintaining records and sharing information with parents and professionals as appropriate to meet children’s needs

Ways we inform parents about how their child is being supported

I have daily diary's which i complete which includes all of the information in regards to what their child has been up to during their time with me. I also use tapestry where i upload my observations which all parents are able to access, it allows me to put if the child is emerging, developing or secure. This helps both myself and the parents know how the child is progressing and the areas in which they need extra support and help. 

Should i have any concerns regarding the child, I will inform the parents straight away, and put together a plan on how we can work together to give that child the support that they need. 

Our complaints policy

If the parent wishes to make a complaint against me, they are aware they need to contact me and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss their concerns in complete confidence. They are aware that i am legally required to fully investigate all written complaints relating to my compliance and the requirements of the EYFS within 28 days of receipt of the complaint. If they prefer not to speak to me about the complaint they can put it in writing to me. 

If the parent wishes to make a formal compliant again me, they can contact Ofsted, and the contact details are on my Complaints form. 

Please note – depending on the nature of the complaint, I will investigate it myself or pass it to Ofsted to investigate.

I am required to inform them about the outcome of the complaint, in writing, within 28 days.


Alterations we have made to make our building accessible

The setting hasn't required any alterations, the door ways are wide enough should a wheelchair need to fit through, and even though the garden is in two levels with one step off of the decking onto the grass, there is still plenty of outdoor space for them to play on the decking if going down the step isn't possible. 

Facilities we have for personal care

Depending on what personal care is required, we have a down stairs bathroom in the setting which has a shower, toilet and basin. The room is a good size so it is able to fit a wheelchair and another person to assist if needed. 

Specialist resources we have

None - but will source as required.

How we include all children in activities, such as trips

I do my best to ensure that all children are involved in all trips and activities that we do, no matter their ages or abilities. I ensure the places that we visit are age appropriate for each child, and also ensure that it is easy accessible if required. 


Last updated: 03/07/2019

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