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Amies, Mrs Joyce Beatrice
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

I am a qualified NNEB Ofsted registered living in Saltash. I am a member of Quality Childminding in Cornwall. All required qualifications are up to date and updated regularly.

Full and part time vacancies and funded places available, open tues/wed/thurs.  I aim to be as flexible as possible to help parents juggle work and childcare. Please contact to discuss hours.

I have a purpose built annex which is set up solely for the children that I care for. Over the years I have acquired a large selection of toys, and materials within a wide age range, and I am still adding to it! There is a large fenced decking area which is ideal for all outside play, and is used as much as the weather allows. In the summer there is a gazebo to shield us from the sun (hopefully!)

Our days are spent doing a selection of activities, I have a policy of which both adult and children take an active role in how we structure our day, and activities are adapted to suit each child's development. I work within the early years framework, and use daily diaries to make sure that the children are aiming and reaching their goals. However I beleive that each child is an individual in their own right, and will progress and develop accordingly.

On Tuesday we go to the Library where we can find new books and attend a music session with the music man. Thursday mornings I attend the childminders support meeting - this gives the children a chance to meet other children and use other resources. The Thursday meeting keeps me updated on all training and welfare issues that I need. All my training is up to date.

I have been childminding for a wide range of children and families - each has brought their own special gifts which has helped to enrich their early experiences and those around them and together we have grown.


Who to contact

Contact name
Joy Amies
Contact position

Where to go


Off road parking.Outside play area. Purpose built playroom.

Other details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£50 Per Hour
45 Per Day
If you are eligible for funding l can offer a funded place or share funded place with another setting.
Do you offer a free or reduced rate to carers?

Inclusion within our setting

Wheelchair access

Has provision
Level site with downstairs bathroom

Dietary needs

Has provision
Experience with
Lactose free
Gluten free
Egg intolerance
Nut allergy
Dairy free
Happy to serve any food provided by parents (provide snacks)

Cultural provisions

Experience with
All children are welcome in our home.
Practising Christian but sympathetic to all religions
Languages spoken


Pet provisions

Are there any pets at the setting?
List of pets

Childcare information


Immediate vacancies
1 vacancy on a Thursday for under 5
Vacancy range(s)
From 0 years to 4 years (spaces available: 1)
Date updated

Funded places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 hours free childcare

Offering up to 30 hours free childcare
30 hours partner details
willing to work with partner to offer 30 hrs as well as offering full funded place

Opening times & facilities

Opening times
Opening times
DayOpening timeClosing time
Tuesday 7.30 6
Wednesday 7.30 6
Thursday 7.30 6
Friday 7.30 4

School pickups

Offers pickups
Sir Robert Geffery's School
collecting on tues 11. 30am dropping off thurs 12.45pm

Ofsted information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
28/06/2011Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
10/02/2015Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
18/04/2017Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
08/06/2022Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

Inclusion details

Saint Piran's Flag
SENCo name
Joy Amies

Early Years Local Offer response

Learning and development

Systems and strategies we have in place to identify children that may require additional support

l am a qualified NNEB with many years working with children in a variety of settings, this helps when identifying children's needs because it is likely that l have come across a child with the same or similar. Resources/contacts that l used then can be put in place. [ Training is updated, and new training taken on useful topics.]

 Using observation, and conversation with parents we can start to build a picture of how this will work best for all involved, child, parent and myself. With discussion we can put in place a framework to get the best outcomes for everyone. Within the setting we can then start to work on any areas that may need additional support  using resources that l may have. Discuss with parents all the time  and link in with any other settings, and professionals, so we can all work together.

How we identify and support children's learning and development needs

Having worked in Childcare for many years and have assed many children during that time, l have built up the knowledge and resources to identify and support children's learning and developmental needs. Regular EYFS Training courses cover most areas and support and information received from Barbara [CYPFS] keeps me updated with new resources and useful information.

l only look after pre school children during term time, l may have older brothers or sisters during school holidays. This means that there are no more than 3 children at a time. Each child can have some one to one attention during the day, this helps to assess where they are in their development and plan their next steps. Also with a smaller number it is easier to pick out something which might get missed in a larger group.

l have an open door policy and can be contacted at any time with any queries or concerns, it is important that we have good sharing of information, and we all work as a team.

Each child has a daily diary which goes home every day with space where parents can write information too. Learning journey which is added too and sent home to share and then returned. Also regular progress assessments especially 2 year progress check to be shared with Health Visitor also Red Health Book to share so that we are all working together for the best results for your child.

Links we have to other agencies

Open to work with other professionals to help you and your child.

Working at the moment with a physio, and shortly going to work with a portage worker

Have good links with the Health Visitors and Saltash Children's Centre.

Have worked with SCOPE Professionals.

How we support children transferring to school

Working with parents and child to make this as smooth as possible. Working with the guidelines from my Transition training and using as many resources available.

One of my children's sister is just moving out of the reception class that one of mine is just going to start. Able to have them here together and they could talk through a day at school, much better than all my preparations. Going to look for each other in the playground on first day back.


Specialist skills or training our staff have

Leaving a child in the care of someone new is never going to be easy. l am trained to look after your child not just professionally, but l have years of experience of things that they don't always tell you about in books! l don't think there is many situations l haven't encountered along the way. l am not going to judge you, or your child, believe me there is nothing that you can tell me that l haven't heard before. There is an answer to every situation, it might take awhile to find it but we will. l want what you want, a Happy Child, by working together we will achieve just that.

All my relevant training First Aid, Food Hygiene and safeguarding are up to date. On going training in many areas.

Support we offer regarding children's health and well-being

Children are encouraged to have a Healthy lifestyle. Parents bring meals and while everyone needs a little treat healthy food is good. Water is available to drink and any allergies  need to  be informed about.

Exercise whether playing outside, going for a walk or using play equipment in the park are all encouraged where ever possible. Risk assessments and Safeguarding are all in place.

Children are encouraged to practice personal hygiene, hand washing, nose wiping, and policies are in place for sickness.

Made aware of dangers, and taught to use and handle equipment safely.

Ways we inform parents about how their child is being supported

Daily Diaries record what has happened that day, any important messages are sent home in this book.  Display boards and notice boards showing children's activities and useful information.

Policies are discussed and agreed at beginning and any necessary changes are discussed with parents.

Learning journeys are shared at regular intervals and parents comments are made. Full child assessment every few months parents can come in for a meeting with or without the child.

Open door policy works for parents who can't do set times too busy at pick up time etc

Our complaints policy

Complaints poster on notice board in hall way, can note down number.

Policy discussed at start can take a copy if they wish or request one at any time.

Encouraged to use the open door policy so things can get resolved before it becomes an issue. Hopefully a open and honest discussion can result.


Alterations we have made to make our building accessible

Childminding in side annex attached to main house, but with separate entrance. Solely for children's use which means if they set up an elaborate railway track it will be still there the next morning.

Child friendly room, children are free to access toys for themselves all at child level.

Suitable child friendly furniture.

Risk Assessed.


Facilities we have for personal care

Separate bathroom with step to sink or toilet.

Older children encouraged to be independent, but help given if needed.

Children made aware of other peoples privacy.

Cot's and individual bedding is provided.

Specialist resources we have

Over the years l have gathered books that show all kinds of positive examples including inclusive opportunities and gender neutral  stories, as well as behaviour issues and managing feels or dealing with life experiences.

In the home corner are examples of food from other countries and equipment, dressing up clothes , ethnic dolls.

Selection of toys to link into child's likes.

Sensory baskets.

left handed scissors and pencils, double handled scissors.

Room contains small stools and chairs and tables.

All toys are at child level and easy access storage.

How we include all children in activities, such as trips

Equipment: single, double and triple buggy!

Every child has own care seat.

 Choose place that is suitable for all ages,

Get children involved in planning .

Try to link to child's interest or relevant topic.

Plan ahead so each child comes with what is needed wellies, sunhats, suncream etc

Check  suitability, and risk assess.

Home activities: make sure it can be adapted for all ages you have at the time, if it can't rearrange to another time.

Last updated: 07/03/2022

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