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Fall Sensors for the Elderly - Taking Care

Falls can have serious consequences for older adults, particularly if they live alone and may be unable to get help if they trip or fall. A fall alarm can provide peace of mind that help is available in an emergency and give customers the reassurance they need to remain independent and secure in their own homes.

The fall sensor is built into the alarm pendant that is worn like a watch or around the neck. When it detects a serious fall with a heavy impact, this triggers a call to one of Taking Care’s 24 hour alarm monitoring centres. The alarm monitoring team will call the person to check they are OK. If there is no response or help is needed, the team will call the emergency services or the person’s loved ones.

The alarm pendant also has an emergency button on it, which can be pressed by the wearer if they feel unwell, are in distress or need help.

For people without a telephone landline, a digital landline-free version of the fall alarm is available.

Prices subject to change.

Who to contact

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Taking Care
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Sales and Enquiries
0800 085 7371
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Table of costs
Table of costs
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£23.99 Per Month
Prices subject to change


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Last updated: 30/11/2021

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