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Kemeneth Multi Academy Trust

During 2016, Governors and Heads of Flushing, Mawnan, Mylor Bridge, Penryn College and Perran-ar Worthal Schools met regularly to consider if becoming a MAT would better improve and enrich the education for the children in their individual care.  In January 2018, Perran-ar-worthal made the decision not to proceed with joining the MAT. 

After extensive research and consultation, each Governing Body agreed that “Kemeneth”, a Multi Academy Trust, will provide a range of educational and professional opportunities no longer secure through informal arrangements. 

Each school, which sits at the heart of their own special and distinct community, brings its uniqueness to “Kemeneth”, our own Cornish “community” which, in turn, brings the advantages of size, a greater age range, more resources and greater diversity.  As Church of England Schools, Mawnan and Flushing bring an exciting new dimension and their formal recognition of Christian values will help shape and guide Kemeneth’s new ethos.

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