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Personal Progress Towards Independence

 Ideal if:

you would like to develop your independent living skills.

 You’ll learn:

how to prepare yourself for independent living, build your teamwork skills, and improve your English and mathematics.


activities that are engaging and positively assess your development throughout the duration of the course.

 You’ll love:

how much your self-confidence and social skills improve during this course.

 You’ll go on to:

further study either within the Entry Level 1 continuum, or our Entry Level 2 Pathfinder provision.

We offer courses for a wide range of learners; from those needing some extra support, those with learning difficulties, or those who simply want to spend some time developing core skills. Our courses are designed to focus on developing skills that can be used in any vocational area and enable you to try out numerous career paths before committing to a specific vocational course.

Who to contact

01209 617523
Parent organisation
Cornwall College

Other details


Referral required
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We warmly welcome and support students with disabilities, helping those with:

  • physical or sensory impairments
  • dyslexia
  • autism
  • medical conditions
  • mental health difficulties
  • learning difficulties

Whether you need advice, support, facilities or equipment we will do our best to provide it for you. We want to make sure that you have no problems during your study here at college and are easily able to join in with student life.

When you apply to study with us we will ask you to disclose any additional learning needs you may need help with and put appropriate support in place for the start of your studies. All learners are also able to request various assessments throughout their studies, should they feel they may need support in any of these areas.

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