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Gilbert, Vanessa Monica
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

An Outstanding grade has been rewarded with a recent Ofsted Inspection.With over 25 years experience in childcare in a setting I am offering a childcare service at my home. 2,3 and 4 year old funding available. I have a BA Honours in Early Childhood Education and Early Years Professional/Teacher Status. Other qualifications include Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, Food Hygiene, Nippers Nutrition, Paediatric First Aid, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Birth to Three, EYFS, Makaton Sign Language, Learning Language and Loving It, Behaviour Management, Forest School Training, Music and Movement, Fun Fit. I am available Monday to Friday from 7.00am to 7.00pm and Saturdays from 7.00am to 4.00pm. 

I live on a farm and am able to offer lots of outdoor experiences for all ages in my care.

Who to contact

Contact name
Vanessa Gilbert
Contact position
01736 810821

Where to go

St. Buryan

Other details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£4.25 Per Hour

Inclusion within our setting

Dietary needs

Has provision
Experience with
Lactose free
Gluten free
Egg intolerance
Nut allergy
Dairy free

Cultural provisions

Has provision
Experience with
All children are welcome in our home.
Languages spoken

English is the main language.

Basic French is known.

All languages are welcome.

Pet provisions

Are there any pets at the setting?
List of pets

Childcare information


Immediate vacancies
2,3,and 4 year old funding available.
Date updated

Funded places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

Opening times & facilities

Opening times
Opening times
DayOpening timeClosing time
Monday 7.00 am 7.00pm
Tuesday 7.00am 7.00pm
Wednesday 7.00am 7.00pm
Thursday 7.00am 7.00pm
Friday 7.00am 7.00pm
Saturday 7.00am 4.00pm

School pickups

Offers pickups
Newlyn School
Sennen School
St Levan Community Primary School
St Buryan Academy Primary School
Pick up and drop off from Penzance and surrounding areas will be considered.

Inclusion details

Saint Piran's Flag
SENCo name
Vanessa Gilbert

Early Years Local Offer response

Learning and development

Systems and strategies we have in place to identify children that may require additional support

I have over 25 years childcare experience and have attended relevant training in child development.

I monitor and make daily observations of each child through the EYFS and track their development in their Learning Journal. This enables me to identify any areas that may require additional help and support. I work very closely with parents.

I can offer a settling in period which I will work with the parents to suit their individual needs. Parents are made to feel welcome to stay with their child at first or have short sessions to build confidence. I have initial discussion with parents where we share information about routines, preferences and share any records from previous settings to ensure I know their needs. I make an entry assessment of each child's development including an ECAT tracking form to help monitor communication and language development. I complete a 2 year review with parents and carers and share this with the health visitor when they carry out their review.  

How we identify and support children's learning and development needs

I have relevant training and experience in the EYFS.

I share daily observations and written assessments including the 2 year old Progress Check to highlight any additional support that may be required.  Half term assessments and termly reports are shared with the parents in the Learning Journals. The 'Next Steps' targets on regular observations. I communicate with and listen to parents.

I do know how to make the appropriate referrals to other childcare professionals if required and will do this with the parent.

I will share information with other child care settings if the child has dual settings with parental consent.

I invite parents to provide me with information about their child's learning at home by using a WOW sheet which will be put in their Learning Journal so that I can work together to help the child's learning and development.

Links we have to other agencies

A close network with other childminders in the area. We meet regularly.

I give parents a copy of the 2 year check to take to their Health visitor.

 I belong to the Quality Childminding in Cornwall Programme and I am the Mentor for Locality 1.

I do my upmost to attend local SENCO network meetings. I have done the SENCO training and I have contact details for advice and information.

I have had previous contact with specialist teams, working alongside them. For example speech and language, autism.

How we support children transferring to school

I go on school runs with the older children which gives the younger ones experience of the building and routine.

I read lots of stories, role play, uniform dressing up, discussions about school and I will visit to take photographs of the teachers and premises.

I help children practice skills such as being independent, going to the toilet and hand washing, getting changed and putting their own coat and shoes on as well as encouraging their confidence in asking for help if they need to.

I will provide clear and detailed assessments and reports for parents and in their learning journal so as to share for the school transition all with the parental permission.


Specialist skills or training our staff have

All up to date training is undertaken.

I have BA Honours in Early Years, EYPS and also a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

I have up to date mandatory training in  Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding and Child Protection, Food Hygiene. I attend cluster meetings and training opportunities to keep up to date.

I have attended other relevant courses. For example Makaton signing, Epipen, positive behaviour training, training on attachment, music and movement, Maths with the early years, woodland and forest workshops.

I would make sure that I had the appropriate training in place to meet the needs of any particular child.

Support we offer regarding children's health and well-being

All the children's requirements are adhered to and checked regularly.

Any particular health issue would be discussed with the parents/carers.

I work with parents to ensure routines for the children can be followed with regard to food, sleep and toileting. Children are taught good hygiene practices from an early age and they understand why it is important to keep ourselves clean. I encourage self care and independence. I have a sickness policy in place to reduce the risk of cross infection.

I offer healthy snacks with milk and water and I encourage the children to help in preparing them. Water is available at all times. I am aware of food allergens and monitor what the children are eating. I have attended sessions of Little Nippers/ healthy eating for the under 5's scheme. I am able to provide a menu or information about healthy eating ideas for packed lunches. We do gardening activities and we grow a variety of vegetables and fruits so we can prepare, grow, tend, harvest and eat them.

I provide lots of opportunities for physical activity at the setting and on trips to local amenities.

I encourage children to talk about feelings and emotions using activities, puppets and books.

I am up to date with safe guarding training. I teach the children about road safety and other aspects about keeping safe from an early age.

I ensure that my setting is risk assessed and also the outings that we go on are as well. I have regular fire drills and discuss the need for safety at home and while out.

I provide a caring cosy home environment to nurture and support growth and development.

Ways we inform parents about how their child is being supported

A close 'working together' partnership with the parents is given.

I have regular contact with all parents. I have daily discussions. I do a learning journal for all children with 'next steps', photographs, ideas to try at home, termly assessments and the opportunity for parents to contribute. 

I have a file of up dated policies set out how I intend to keep their child safe. I talk to parents and keep them updated.

Our complaints policy

A complaints policy is in place and parents are aware of this.

I give parents opportunities to comment on my service by asking regularly. I welcome constructive criticism and I will work with parents to resolve issues.

I display the Ofsted parents poster with Ofsted contact details above the door in the kitchen and I do show parents this.

I keep a comments and suggestions book available for parents to see and use.

I will investigate all written complaints, inform Ofsted within 14 days and notify those complaining of any outcomes and/or actions taken within 28 days.


Alterations we have made to make our building accessible

There is one step to the main door and a ramp can be put in place if required. There is an outside light that is put on when the daylight is not adequate.

Facilities we have for personal care

Privacy is maintained at all times. The bathroom is upstairs. A potty is placed downstairs as well during potty training. A step is put in place for the toilet and hand washing if required. There are named individual towels in place to prevent cross contamination during hand washing.

There is a changing mat which is antibacterial sprayed after each use. I wear gloves for all toiletry needs and they are both up and downstairs and a pair in my pocket at all times.

There is a cot available for naps and there is separate bedding for each child. A monitor is in place and the children are checked regularly.

Specialist resources we have

All children's individual needs and interests catered for.

I have a range of multi cultural toys and books, including positive examples of people of all ages and abilities.

I have a low level table with chairs and a varied choice of resources available at child level for self selection. I network with other childminders and we share resources. I have different sizes in mark making items, paint brushes, left handed scissors. I have tactile and stimulating toys for all ages and abilities, lights and musical toys and I am working on a sensory area at the moment. There are also a variety of visual time lines both inside and out. 

How we include all children in activities, such as trips

All activities are adapted to include all ages and abilities.

Trips are risk assessed and appropriate for the children attending based on their age and individual needs.  The risk assessment will ensure parking, access, toilet facilities are appropriate. Any trip will be discussed in advance so parents and children are aware and we can plan together over any concerns. I use my car in trips. It has the relevant insurance and appropriate age related car seats.   I have pushchairs, fluorescent jackets and reins if required. I plan trips with other childminders for extra support.

Last updated: 07/08/2021

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