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Trevorder Teddies Day Nursery
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Here at Trevorder Teddies Day Nursery, we provide our children with an excellent start in life. We are a small and nurturing Nursery in Torpoint. Furthermore, we care for children 0-5 years, preparing them everyday for their next steps in life. Our nursery in Torpoint offers a great family feel, allowing all our children to feel special and included. Also, we offer all year round or term time places, flexible childcare and funded only spaces.

At Trevorder Teddies we allow our children to be children, while equipping them with the skills, passions and attributes to take them into further education. We strongly believe in the value of learning through play and experiencing real life experiences. Children learn best when they are truly engaged in high quality play. Children are encouraged to be independent, to explore and be curious after all Nursery is all about fun, happiness and being a child! We aim to provide a home from home environment through a calming tranquil space. 

Our vision is to contribute to improving children's early years education across Cornwall, building an outstanding children’s nursery, providing the highest quality childcare for families across the county.


1) To provide a warm and nurturing environment in which children feel physically and emotionally safe.

2) To provide a happy, safe, calm environment where children thrive and learn.

3) To provide a high quality nursery experience, where children are at the heart of everything that happens.

4) To build secure and trusting relationships with children and their families, valuing parents as their children’s first and most important educators.

5) To celebrate diversity, appreciating and respecting the things that make each child unique

6) To continuously strive to improve the nursery into the best that it can be

We firmly believe in aspiring to be better, with excellence in everything we do. We won’t settle or be satisfied with mediocre or the ‘status quo’. We are a nursery that will continue to develop and improve by always putting the children in the centre of everything. 


At Trevorder Teddies we foster genuine love for the children in our care – a cliche maybe, which may sound obvious, but we see love as a verb – a doing word, not just something we say. Actions speak louder than words, and when we genuinely love the children, we show this, not just say it. This is in all the little things – a big smiley welcome when your child comes to nursery, a hug when they’re not feeling themselves, or simply taking the time to listen when children tell us about all their interests and curiosities.​

We are a family at Trevorder Teddies – a loving community where children are known as individuals that matter.


Our nursery strives to nurture all children in our care. We want every child to feel safe, secure, loved, cared for and cherished. Making childhood memories last a life time. We are a family and each and everyone of our children are part of it. 


Who to contact

Contact name
Yolanda Lock
Contact position
01752 916090
Trevorder Teddies Day Nursery's facebook page

Where to go

Trevorder Teddies Day Nursery
Trevorder Road
PL11 2NS

Other details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£38.50 Per Full Day
£37.00 (Over 3's) Per Full Day
£25.50 Per Half Day
£24.00 (Over 3's) Per half hour
We offer 10% Military and Sibling discount. Term time and Raleigh Term contracts available.
Do you offer a free or reduced rate to carers?

Inclusion within our setting

Dietary needs

Has provision
Experience with
Lactose free
Gluten free
Egg intolerance
Nut allergy
Dairy free

Pet provisions

Are there any pets at the setting?

Childcare information


Immediate vacancies
Please get in contact for current vacancies
Date updated

Funded places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

Opening times & facilities

Opening times
Opening times
DayOpening timeClosing time
Monday 07.00 19.00
Tuesday 07.00 19.00
Wednesday 07.00 19.00
Thursday 07.00 19.00
Friday 07.00 19.00

School pickups

Offers pickups

Inclusion details

Saint Piran's Flag
SENCo name
Yolanda Lock

Early Years Local Offer response

Learning and development

Systems and strategies we have in place to identify children that may require additional support

Each child has a 'key person' who is responsible for their well being and development. The key person makes observations and tracks their development. If the key person has any concerns about a child they will share these with the parents and the Nursery special needs coordinator (SENCO). If, after these discussions we feel that specialist support is needed the SENCO will refer to the appropriate outside agency informing the parents/carers at each step in the process.

How we identify and support children's learning and development needs

All staff continually make observations of the child's learning and development during free play and adult led opportunities. All observations are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) phases of development. If a child's development in any area is not in line with expectations we would put our systems and strategies in place. Further focused observations would be made. Depending on these observations the key person, SENCO and the parents make a decision about whether it is necessary to make a referral to relevant outside agencies or whether we can support the child from expertise within the nursery. 

Links we have to other agencies

We have close links to the Early Years Inclusion Service, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Paediatricians, Health Visitors and Occupational therapists. We also have links with the Equality and Diversity Service who can help us to support children and families with English as an additional language.

How we support children transferring to school

We have good links with all local schools. We work with the schools to create a bespoke transition. This may involve; taking the children to the school, foundation stage teachers visiting the nursery and individual children's transition books. In the final half term leading up to the school starting term we share books with the children and parents/carers between the Nursery and home to familiarise the children with this well established school routine.



Specialist skills or training our staff have

All staff have at least level 3 childcare qualification or are working towards it. We also have staff with Children in Care Training, child protection and safeguarding, paediatric first aid, food hygiene, fire safety, SENCO training, loss and bereavement support.

Support we offer regarding children's health and well-being

Children's physical and emotional health and well being are a priority in the nursery. Fresh, locally sourced, food is freshly prepared on site and follows current healthy eating guidelines. Milk and water are provided at snack and meal time and at any time during the day as required. Regular outdoor play supports physical development and emotional/mental health and well being. Research backs up the therapeutic value of the outdoors for young children. All children at nursery are considered as individuals and treated as such. Their specific needs are considered and supported. We respond promptly to children when they are upset in a nurturing, supportive manner. Daily routines give children the security they need whilst allowing enough time for free play chosen by the children. Comfortable space allows children to sleep when and if they need and children's individual sleep and rest needs are met. We regularly take our children out on visits in the local community. 

Ways we inform parents about how their child is being supported

Parents are able to speak to staff each time they bring children and when they pick them up. When we have any concerns about a child's development, parent's will be consulted at every stage of the processes involved and invited to any meetings with outside agencies. Any individual provision made for a child outside of that given to all children will be explained and shared with parents through meetings at the nursery as and when necessary. We use an online management system which provides the parents with 'instant messaging' to the nursery. We share a post and a picture of there child in nursery every session and invite parents into nursery for parents evening each half term. 

Our complaints policy

At Trevorder Teddies we believe that parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their individual needs and wishes. We hope that at all times parents are happy with the service provided and we encourage parents to voice their appreciation to the staff concerned.

 We record all compliments and share these with staff.

 We welcome any suggestions from parents on how we can improve our services, and will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns that parents may have. Any concerns will be dealt with professionally and promptly to ensure that any issues arising from them are handled effectively and to ensure the welfare of all children, enable ongoing cooperative partnership with parents and to continually improve the quality of the nursery.

We have a formal procedure for dealing with complaints where we are not able to resolve a concern. Where any concern or complaint relates to child protection, we follow our Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy.

 Internal complaints procedure

 Stage 1

If any parent should have cause for concern or any queries regarding the care or early learning provided by the nursery, they should in the first instance take it up with the child's key person or a senior member of staff/room leader. 

 Stage 2

If the issue remains unresolved or parents feel they have received an unsatisfactory outcome, then they must present their concerns in writing as a formal complaint to the nursery manager. The manager will then investigate the complaint and report back to the parent within 28 days. The manager will document the complaint fully and the actions taken in relation to it in the complaints log book.  

(Most complaints are usually resolved informally at stage 1 or 2.)

 Stage 3

If the matter is still not resolved, the nursery will hold a formal meeting between the manager, parent and a senior staff member to ensure that it is dealt with comprehensively. The nursery will make a record of the meeting and document any actions. All parties present at the meeting will review the accuracy of the record, and be asked to sign to agree it and receive a copy. This will signify the conclusion of the procedure.

Stage 4

If the matter cannot be resolved to their satisfaction, then parents have the right to raise the matter with Ofsted. Parents are made aware that they can contact Ofsted at any time they have a concern, including at all stages of the complaints procedure, and are given information on how to contact Ofsted. Ofsted is the registering authority for nurseries in England and investigates all complaints that suggest a provider may not be meeting the requirements of the nursery’s registration. It risk assesses all complaints made and may visit the nursery to carry out a full inspection where it believes requirements are not met.

A record of complaints will be kept in the nursery. The record will include the name of the complainant, the nature of the complaint, date and time complaint received, action(s) taken, result of any investigations and any information given to the complainant including a dated response.

 Parents will be able to access this record if they wish; however, all personal details relating to any complaint will be stored confidentially and will be only accessible by the parties involved. Ofsted inspectors will have access to this record at any time during visits to ensure actions have been met appropriately.

 Contact details for Ofsted:


 Telephone: 0300 123 1231   

 By post:

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

 Parents will also be informed if the nursery becomes aware that they are going to be inspected and after inspection the nursery will provide a copy of the report to parents and/or carers of children attending on a regular basis.


Alterations we have made to make our building accessible

All doors and entrances are accessible on ground level.

Facilities we have for personal care

The baby room has a separate area for nappy changing. The Preschool Room has separate toilets. 

Specialist resources we have

We have an accessible toilet. We have lots of multicultural toys and celebrate of festivals and holidays. 

How we include all children in activities, such as trips

We recognise that all have a right to their distinctive and diverse identities and that all people are different and must be treated as individuals. We will provide a supportive, open environment where all children and employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our Nursery recognises that we have the ability to promote equality of opportunity for all our users by making our services more responsive to all communities and individual needs. The company values the diversity of all communities, and wants all its services, facilities and resources to be accessible and useful to every individual. We also recognise that our ability to meet these diverse needs is improved by having a diverse workforce which generally reflects local population and has the skill and understanding to achieve our service objectives. We are committed to valuing diversity in our workforce and to developing and training our employees to improve their ability to meet our goals; within an overall framework of equality. We are committed to the integration of children with special educational needs at all of their nurseries. We believe that provision for children in the early years and assessment of their needs are of paramount importance and will give the best long term benefits to children, families and the whole community. We recognise that all children, including those with special needs have the same rights to development care and play. All children attending our nurseries will be offered the same opportunities with support and assistance available to overcome any disadvantage they may face. We encourage appropriate outings for all children. Regular walks and visits within the local community all contribute to a child’s learning. We aim to make appropriate arrangements so that all children can take part in outings. When organising outings/visits appropriate arrangements will be made for children with special needs.

Last updated: 13/11/2020

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