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Easy Read Documents - United Response

We are a leader when it comes to producing easy read documents.

What is 'easy read'?

'Easy read' uses plain English and short sentences to explain a topic or statement. This approach makes even complex concepts easier to understand.

Each sentence is matched up with an image that helps convey the gist of the message.

Sometimes easy read uses illustrations and sometimes it uses photography of real people, but all the images are simple and clear.

Sometimes video and audio might also be added to make easy read even more accessible.

How do we produce documents?

In addition to campaigning to make more people and organisations produce accessible information, we convert lots of our printed material so everyone can read it.

Our UR Consultants, all of whom have learning disabilities and/or autism, work with us to translate important material from the outside world, such as our award-winning Easy News newspaper. Our UR Consultants also offer translation services to external businesses and organisations, teaching others how to create high-quality easy read information.

Producing these documents is part of United Response's commitment to accessibility and to promoting the equality of people with learning disabilities.

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