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Health Visitors and Family Health Practitioners
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Please see the Cornwall Council website for details of the service level offered during COVID19

Who to contact

01872 322779
Parent organisation
Early Help Hub

Other details


Age ranges
From 0 years to 5 years
Referral required
Referral details

Midwives refer families ante-natally, all clients can also self refer or be referred by other services, including GP, children's centre and social care via the Care Management Centre.

All families are contacted for core developmental reviews as per the Healthy Child Programme.

Children aged over 2 years
If your child has had the two year old check and you would like further advice/assistance from a health visitor, please make a referral using the form attached.    

Inclusion details

How we make our service inclusive

Health Visiting service is offered to all children from the ages of Birth to-School entry. Referal to the service can be via GPs, Midwives, self referal and other professionals, including Social Care, Special Parenting, CAMHS etc. 

All Health Visitors are registered nurses or midwives and have undertaken the Specialist Community Public Health Nurse training.

The service is currently offered Monday to Friday either in clinic, childrens centres or home environments, dependent on client need. Telephone advice is also available 

Staff SEND experience

Health Visitors come from a variety of backgrounds within the health service and therefore their experience varies, however all are trained nurses and will have spent time working with clients who have conditions such as Epiliepsy and other Special Needs.

Health Visitors work closely with other agenicies providing help and support including those that provide Portage and Makaton.Health Visitors assess all children moving into the area and refer to specialist services  as required,

How our service supports providers / schools / colleges

Each childrens centre and nursery has a designated link Health Visitor to provide an integrated service. All children are offered developmental reviews and emphasis is placed on Readiness for School.



Support at key transition points

All children from 0- school entry who move into the area are assessed by the health visitor and support provided as required .

Health Visitors promote the 2 year funding for nursery placements to those who are eligible and require additional support.

3 year funding is promoted to all families.

Any child that the health visitor is working with at the time of school entry, is referred onto the school nurse.

Other local or national support

Clients are signposted to local and national information sites, including: NHS Choices, FIS, Citizens Advice, Healthy Start website department of Health website, as required.

Resolving disagreements, mediation and making complaints

Clients are encouraged to make written complaints via the PALS service

They are also encouraged to provide feedback on the service via the Meridian survey.

All complaints received are escalated to Quality and Assurance Group to ensure issues are resolved satisfactorily.

Last updated: 03/08/2015

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