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Rowden House School
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Out of County Specialist Provision

Rowden House School is an independent specialist day and residential school for young people aged 11 to 19 years with severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.

We offer day and residential placements ranging from 38 to 52 weeks. Each student has their own learning programme which meets each learners needs in an holistic way. We place strong emphasis on developing students communication skills and improving behaviours. Young people receive specialised input from clinical professionals, including Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Clinical and Educational Psychology.

 All our students are individuals in their own right and we value their diversity. Our aim is to support all of the young people in our care to fulfil their potential, develop their independence and equip them with the skills for adulthood.

 We encourage all our students to develop a positive self image, promoting their ability to express their personal preferences through informed choice. This develops confidence, enabling them to realise their full potential and grow into happy and healthy adults.

Who to contact

Contact name
Caroline Parker
Contact position
Group Referrals Manager
01332 378840
Rowden House School's facebook page

Where to go

Rowden House School

Other details


Do you offer a free or reduced rate to carers?


Age ranges
From 8 years to 19 years
Referral required
Referral details

Please contact us if you are interested in your child having a place at the school.

Caroline Parker
Group Referrals Manager
Tel: 01332 378 840

Once we have spoken to your local authority we will carry out a multi-disciplinary assessment to confirm that we can meet your child’s needs and if so what education, health and care package would be required. Assessments usually take between one and four days. We will plan your child’s
transition with you and professionals to ensure this is as smooth as possible.

International students

The SENAD Group holds a Tier 4 (child) Sponsor Licence which enables us to consider applications for students from overseas.

 For more information please contact: Caroline Eaton, Group Referrals Officer, Tel: 01332 378 840 Email:

Full up-to-date information for the UKVI (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration)/Home Office may be found at

Inclusion details

How we make our service inclusive

We work in a interdisciplinary way, where care and education are integrated. We are unique in our approach in that the care staff support students in the home as well as the school,
ensuring consistency across both settings. Evidence shows that this is the best way for young people to thrive and develop their independence.

We have an experienced staff team who receive comprehensive ongoing training to keep them up to date with latest practice. Young people are supported by our on site support services which include a Consultant Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist and Health Promotions Manager.

All young people have a Placement Plan which includes health and wellbeing. This is reviewed in consultation with the Health Promotions Manager. Each young person is registered with the local GP, Dentist and Opticians. If required they have access to the CAMHS service. We encourage the use of community health appointments but for students who are not ready to attend these we develop individualised health care access. This enables young people to become familiar with different locations and health professionals at their own pace.

We support young people to be active and eat a healthy diet as this is essential in supporting their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Staff are trained in the following healthcare:
Mental Health

Staff SEND experience

We have an interdisciplinary team consisting of highly skilled and experienced education, care and therapy staff.

As part of their induction all staff undertake a comprehensive induction training programme which includes mandatory training.  Staff are given additional training over their
probationary period which is specific to meeting the needs of the students. All staff working in Children’s Residential services are supported to complete Diploma Level 3 Children and Young People’s Workforce. Registered Managers are supported to achieve Diploma Level 5 Leadership and Management in Residential Services. Training is regularly refreshed and any improvements and alterations to best practice are cascaded throughout the school.

We have a Speech and Language Therapist and an Occupational Therapists. Our Occupational Therapist works with students to help them carry out the activities that they need or want to do in order to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Our Speech and Language Therapist work with our students to give them skills to access learning, skills to
function in society, motivation and confidence to communicate and the ability to generalise their skills in new settings and environments. In addition the Therapists play an important role in the training of all staff. As part of induction new staff have an introduction into the therapy needs of the students. This is followed by further workshops in which staff develop knowledge, strategies and skills for working with specific areas of Speech and Language, appreciating sensory differences and managing students’ free time.
We also have a full time Health Promotions Manager who oversees the well-being and health needs of students.
This includes person centred planning, medication, health issues and mental health issues. We also have excellent links with the local GP practice, Dentist and Opticians in the local town.


How our service supports providers / schools / colleges

We have developed strong links with other providers and colleagues in other schools and colleges. This enables our students to access a wider range of opportunities.

Support at key transition points

We understand that changes can be worrying for students and their families and therefore transitions are managed in a timely and sensitive way.

We ensure that students make numerous visits to new settings with their Key Worker. Staff may transfer departments with the student or receiving staff will have had opportunities to get to know the student and have received training to support their individual needs.

From the age of 14 years we start the transition planning process in liaison with parents and professionals. The process involves considering future options and identifying an appropriate ongoing placement that appropriately meets individual needs.

Throughout their time at the school we work to develop life skills to enable students to become as independent as possible as they move into adulthood. This includes building their confidence and self-esteem, developing their communication skills, giving them the ability to self-manage their behaviours and social skills, the ability to keep themselves safe, developing their ability to take care of personal hygiene and shopping and cooking skills.


Other local or national support

Please visit the parent resources page of our website.

Resolving disagreements, mediation and making complaints

Our complaint policy is accessible on our website.

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Last updated: 01/07/2022

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