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Quiet Connections

You might call it 'social anxiety', 'shyness', or just 'too quiet'. Or it might be a sense that you're not good enough, or defective somehow.

But at the heart of it is that deeply painful feeling of believing we're flawed; 'less than' others and not worthy of belonging.

Protecting ourselves by withdrawing, hiding, staying small and silent; we try to avoid any situation in which our flaws might be seen by other people the best we can -we reject ourselves so others can't, missing so many of the good things in life!

Well, what if you knew you don't have to live this way?

We're here to show you that you're not alone and you're not broken; reframing quiet and uncovering the confidence you already have inside of you as a perfectly imperfect person.

Who to contact

Quiet Connections website
Parent organisation
Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change

Where to go

Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change, 61
Green Lane
TR15 1LS
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