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Hidden Stories - FREE Illustrated Book, Invisible Disabilities

Dear invisible condition

Sounds like we’re not alone – phew. Let’s just be open and make space for compassion (for self and others).

Hidden Stories is a book produced by an arts charity in the south of England, that aims to take away the loneliness associated with invisible disabilities.

You can find out more, and download a free copy of the book, on the Hidden Stories website.

Hidden Stories follows a day in the life of Anita, Karla and Mike. Through their encounters, we experience a world that isn’t always kind, adaptable or understanding to people living with invisible conditions. Conditions that range from anxiety to autism, muscle pain to ME (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome).

These stories are based on the everyday experiences of people living with invisible conditions. They invite us to explore, with curiosity and compassion, the parts of ourselves many of us keep hidden. 

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Hidden Stories
Hidden Stories - FREE Illustrated Book, Invisible Disabilities's facebook page

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We gave all 8,000 printed copies of Hidden Stories to libraries, communities and local organisations in the south of England. But we still have some left for anyone who requests a copy (or several for a group or organisation). Just get in touch with your details.

You can also get a FREE digital copy of the book on our website. Is there a friend, family member or colleague who might benefit from reading it?
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