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Early Help Targeted Youth Support

Early Help Targeted Youth Support Workers provide support for young people (aged 13-18 years) who are able to give their consent to be worked with and who meet the criteria as set out as below.

Support is offered by skilled practitioners to young people who would like the opportunity to be listened to, supported, challenged and advocated for to make improvements in their lives.

Targeted Youth Support Workers work in partnership with young people and their families and respect their views. They will consider the young person in the context of their family, school or educational setting and community to achieve sustainable change. This may include Family Group Conferencing as a means of harnessing support for families and strengthening the ability to cope and build their resilience and /or to initiate or contribute to the Team Around the Child/Team Around the Family process.

TYSW will complete a comprehensive Early Help Assessment and their intervention will be underpinned by working in partnerships with other services and agencies and will be time limited with progress regularly reviewed and tackle a wide range of issues including but not limited to:

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence
  • Understanding feelings, emotions and associated behaviours
  • Support to develop positive coping strategies around e.g  low level self-harm, anxiety, poor emotional resilience,  bereavement, family breakdown, impact of parent/carers mental health or drug/alcohol misuse
  • Social and peer relationships
  • Family relationships
  • At risk of homelessness
  • Personal safety e.g. exploitation, sexual exploitation, online safety, heathy relationships and risk taking behaviour
  • Substance misuse (Tier 2 assessed substance misuse?)
  • Personal and social development (including skills for life, learning and work),
  • Support to build Resilience and decision making skills which contribute to their wellbeing

Who to contact

01872 322277
Parent organisation
Early Help Hub

Other details


Age ranges
13 to 19 years and up to 25 if there is an additional need
Referral required
Referral details

Referral through the EHH

  • Age range 13-up to their 19th Birthday and up to 25 if there is an additional need
  • Have identified needs that do not meet Social Care thresholds or are not open to CAMHS tier 3 / 4 services.
  • Has identified needs that are not currently being met by Youth Offending Services
  • Young person has given consent and has a clear understanding of support being offered and a willingness to engage.
  • Support to young people with health needs that are controlled and supported by health services but where the health need is not the primary presenting need/issue.
  • Support young people with low level anxiety, increasing emotional resilience, recognising and managing their emotions, bereavement and family breakdown.
  • Support for young people who are vulnerable to or experiencing Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Referral through Early Help Teams

Step down from social care with clear identified needs, following discussions with Early Help co-ordinator and with adherence to the agreed procedure and with consent.

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