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Help for Hoarders

"I have been compelled to set up this site because of my Mum’s chronic hoarding problems and because of my own experiences as a child growing up feeling ashamed and isolated because of our messy and cluttered home."

I want to provide information, support and advice and create awareness about this secretive condition, for hoarders and their loved ones.

The purpose of this site is not to judge or cure, but I hope that with the tools available here, hoarding will become better understood by both sufferers and the people around them, as well as medical professionals and the general public.

The information here is simple, personal and I have deliberately tried to keep the site un-cluttered and un-clinical.

My family, myself and the other people who have bravely told their stories in the BBC 1 documentaries following all of our efforts to let go of some possessions so that homes can become functional again, hope that by opening this particular can of worms, other people struggling with hoarding issues can get the help and support they need.

Please post a message on one of the boards, and hopefully we can create an on-line community of hope and understanding," - Jasmine Harman, founder of Help for Hoarders

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