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Hawksfield Early Years Nursery - Wadebridge
Services and organisations that have the Local Offer flash have filled out inclusion information, meaning that they meet the needs of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

What we do at Hawksfield:


 ‘Enhancing in the Moment’

Teachable Moments during Child Led Play

No set ‘planning’ here!        

We are led by the child’s interests.


  • We look for opportunities to allow learning to take place through child-initiated play
  • We provide opportunities and environments that stimulate curiosity
  • We observe and listen closely so you can follow the child’s lead
  • We pick up on the thing/place/person/idea that has sparked the child’s interest
  • We use open ended questions that ask for a description, rather than a yes/no or other single word answer – these usually start with what/how/why rather that do/is/can - (‘What do you like about that?’ rather than ‘Do you like that?’)
  • We praise and reinforce positive learning experiences
  • We record both practitioner/child interactions and child/child interactions.
  • We take photographs of this and add to Tapestry as another way of recording progress.
  • We use some time for reflecting with the children what they have done/learned/found interesting during that session and feed this into your records

The adult goes to the child.  The adult doesn’t call the child to come to them



'We make your little ones, our biggest priority'

 Opened in May 2016 - A brand new, purpose built Early Years Nursery offering professional quality child care from 3 months to 5 Years.

3 separate learning environments, tailored to developmental needs and interests.

In a Scandinavian style building, excellent access off A39 - plenty of parking.

We offer our children individually tailored care and learning based on your child’s interests and needs.

Our aim:
Is to create a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can fully develop their individuality and uniqueness.
To provide a secure and safe environment where children can develop confidence and self-esteem.
To deliver high quality care and education in a fun and exciting way where children develop knowledge, acquire many skills, be creative and explore their environment.
To provide challenge and opportunity to enable children to fulfill their potential.

Why Choose Us?
A superbly resourced and designed environment in which all our children are loved, listened to and valued.
All Inclusive Fees
Open All Year round
You can customise your childcare to meet your family needs by having a flexible session structure.
Situated in a convenient Location - just off the A39. Perfectly positioned for both commuters and local residents.
The Nursery has its own access with ample parking space.
Safe and Secure premises - No busy roads to cross
Large secure gardens - where all children can enjoy the opportunity to play in the countryside air surrounded by open fields.
Nutritious, well balanced meals – all prepared and cook in our open air kitchen

All Inclusive Fees:
Discounted fees for Full Time Places.
We provide a holiday allowance of 2 weeks every year where the fees are 50%.
FREE Settling In Sessions
No Registration Fee
FREE Online Integrated Communication Tool - online Learning Journey.
Balanced, highly nutritious menus – homely cooked and prepared in the nursery.

We have our own 8 Seater bus that we use daily for small group outings (Eden Project, local beaches, towns, woodlands and shops, library, soft play and many more!)

Who to contact

Contact name
Andie Wheal
Contact position
Nursery Business Manager
07399 444392
Hawksfield Early Years Nursery - Wadebridge's facebook page

Where to go

Hawksfield Nursery
St. Breock
PL27 7LR
  • Situated in a convenient Location - just off the A39. Perfectly positioned for both commuters and local residents.
  • The Nursery has its own access with ample parking space.
  • Safe and Secure premises - No busy roads to cross
  • Large secure gardens - where all children can enjoy the opportunity to play in the countryside air surrounded by open fields.


At Hawksfield Nursery we strive to offer a flexible childcare service, you can choose to access the nursery for either full, short or half days across the week. We realise that many parents return to work and their work pattern mirrors the school day, therefore we would like to offer childcare to meet your needs.

The wellbeing of children is our highest priority and therefore we do have a policy that a minimum of two sessions per week must be booked, this allows the child to develop a genuine sense of belonging at the nursery, supports their confidence and makes the nursery experience much more enjoyable.

Other details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£52 - £55 (10 hours 8am - 6pm) Per Full Day
£45 - £42 (7 hours 8am - 3pm) Short Day
£38 - £33 (5 hours 8am - 1pm) Per morning
£38 - £33 (5 hours 1pm - 6pm) Per afternoon
Lunchtime Session - 12-1pm £8.50 N/A
Pre-Session Early Drop Off - 7.30am £4.50 N/A
Fees are payable for the place and not the attendance and must be paid one month in advance. Payments can be made by standing order OR Direct Debit and must be received on the 3rd of every month. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information.
You are required to give the nursery 1 calendar months’ notice in writing if there is a reduction in the number of sessions you require during which fees will be charged at the normal rate.
Charges are due even if the Child is absent.
Requests for changes to bookings or for extra sessions should always be made in writing or by email.
Additional sessions can be added if spaces are available.
Nonpayment of fees will result in additional charges being added as shown in our terms and conditions and will affect the security of your child’s place.
Do you offer a free or reduced rate to carers?

Inclusion within our setting

Dietary needs

Has provision
Experience with
Lactose free
Gluten free
Egg intolerance
Nut allergy
Dairy free
We offer freshly home cooked meals and snacks throughout the day in our bespoke open plan kitchen. Our local chef Lauren, cooks up well balanced, highly nutritious meals - all prepared on site. Several staff members are qualified in Food safety (Level 2) with varied backgrounds in catering and foods safety - including allergens.

Cultural provisions

Has provision
Languages spoken

We wish to be a well  educated, multi-lingual early childhood setting -  where we are equipped to meet the challenge of serving second language learners and their families.

We work with young newcomers, and would get more information and better tools to provide culturally appropriate care for all of the children in our group.

We will take advantage of professional development opportunities and resources and incorporate what we learn into our daily routine.

Introducing Words from Home - Find out about a child's first language. Ask another speaker of the language how to welcome and comfort the child in his or her own language; learn a few key words. If possible, record the parent saying or a few words to the child or singing a familiar song. Look for commercial recordings (for example, DVDs) in that language and play them. Hearing familiar words will comfort the child in times of stress and help “bridge the gap” between home and the child care setting. 

Working with Families - Although providing care in every child’s language may be beyond reach, we can certainly learn about and respect the languages and cultures of the children in our setting and their families.

Meeting the Challenge - it is important to give children opportunities to communicate and observe closely as they respond. Learn from them, the strategies that will be most effective in helping them bridge the gap between what they already know and what they must learn to function in their new environment. 

Pet provisions

Are there any pets at the setting?

Childcare information


Immediate vacancies
We have limited availability. We have a waiting list for our baby and toddler room - with some availability in our Pre School Room. We offer school pick ups and holiday non-term time care for up to 11 years. Please get in touch with us to discuss availability.
Vacancy range(s)
From 3 months years to 11 years (spaces available: )
Date updated

Funded places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 hours free childcare

Offering up to 30 hours free childcare
30 hours partner details
We like to work with all local settings to provide and facilitate the best care for North Cornwall.

Hawksfield Nursery has founded a local network group in order to work alongside each other to promote high quality early years provision in North Cornwall.

Opening times & facilities

Opening times
Opening times
DayOpening timeClosing time
Monday 8.00 (but can offer 7.30am start) 6pm
Tuesday 8.00 (but can offer 7.30am start) 6pm
Wednesday 8.00 (but can offer 7.30am start) 6pm
Thursday 8.00 (but can offer 7.30am start) 6pm
Friday 8.00 (but can offer 7.30am start) 6pm
Open All Year

School pickups

Offers pickups
St Breock Primary School
Wadebridge Primary School
We have our own 8 seater van - so we are flexible in pick up times/destinations

Inclusion details

Saint Piran's Flag
SENCo name
Bex Pumphrey

Early Years Local Offer response

Learning and development

Systems and strategies we have in place to identify children that may require additional support

Through detailed observations and a good knowledge of child development, staff identify if a child requires additional support. By tracking observations and assessments against the EYFS we can analyse where extra support is needed. Further support is sought from the setting SENCO. Following this we will discuss our thoughts with parents and plan to further support the child.

How we identify and support children's learning and development needs

Through observations and assessments which link with the EYFS. This helps staff to identify how a child is developing over all areas. Next steps are recognised and provision is led by the children's interests. If there is an area where a child requires more support, we work alongside the team and parents to support both at home and in the setting.

Links we have to other agencies

Apart from drawing on and using our own experiences and knowledge - We are able to contact different agencies to support children. This may range from the speech and language therapist to the area SENCO.

How we support children transferring to school

Information is shared between our setting and the foundation stage teachers. End of term co-hort assessments are shared along with holistic information so the teacher gets a whole picture of the children joining them. Children have visits to the school and we invite their teachers to come over to meet the children prior to them starting. We like to create photo books to share; books are shared with children about school and circle time promotes discussion. Dressing up area includes school uniform.


Specialist skills or training our staff have

All staff attend safeguarding training. Staff are trained to be aware of signs and indicators of abuse and all know who the two safeguarding officers are. We are all first aiders and regular update our training. Any health needs that a child has, we will access specific training. There are SENCOs who have attended training. Sensory processing training has been accessed as well as behaviour training. We keep up to date with specific changes and requirements to the welfare standards and feed this into our meetings and policies.

The manager attends regular briefings and cluster meetings and hosts local area network meetings.

As part of our staffs professional development - staff have identified areas of interest and have been on training such as: Emotion Coaching, Leadership and Management, Safer Recruitment, Manual Handling, Food Safety, Developing Boys Writing, Makaton, Nurturing creativity and Outdoor Maths. 


We then cascade this new or update learning back to the team and action what we'd like to change/do in our rooms.


Support we offer regarding children's health and well-being

Staff know the children well and quickly identify if a child is not feeling well or is not their typical character. Staff will comfort a child and offer play ideas and engagement techniques. If they continue to decline and symptoms persist, we will phone the parents. All staff observe a child's level of well being and involvement throughout the session. This is recorded on their observation sheets as well as the termly report. Some staff members have attended well-being training which has had a positive impact on planning and assessing well-being and involvement. All children have chosen relationships with the staff team. They know who to go to for support (led by them) who can support their emotional well-being and with whom they form a bond. Any health needs that a child has will be discussed upon registration and a health care plan put in place if needed. Additional training if needed will be accessed. We have update needs/interests forms sent out every half term for changes/updates.

Ways we inform parents about how their child is being supported

Daily feedback happens between parent and the staff in the room. We work as a close team, and many adults are involved including front of house and management. Termly parent meetings are arranged. If a child has additional needs or has an IEP in place then TAC meetings are held with involved agencies, and monthly IEP reviews take place. Parents are informed of our 'open door' policy where we welcome them to come and chat about any aspect of their child's lives. We also use social media tools to inform and update a parent during the day.

Our complaints policy

All parents are made aware that they can comment on any aspect of the provision. Written or verbal comments can be made to the Manager. Action will be addressed within 28 days. Ofsted will be informed of both the complaint and how we addressed it. By keeping good communication open between parents and staff, should keep good levels of understanding. We have a policy and procedure in which we follow. However, we like to maintain and adopt open and honest relations between parents and hope to resolve any problems by meeting and discussing face to face in the first instance.


Alterations we have made to make our building accessible

We have very good access here at Hawksfield. All on one level. Ramp up to main entrance and secure lobby area.

All wide doors for wheelchair access.

All flat access for outdoors.

Plenty of parking and disabled parking on a concrete slab. 

Facilities we have for personal care

The baby room has a specific nappy changing station, a sleep room and sensory pod that be adapted for more sleep space.

The Tree Tops Room have their own changing station with steps to encourage independence. They also have their own bathroom with 2 separate cubicles and sinks. We encourage our children to wash their hands before and after eating. We also support the child and celebrate this milestone when they are ready for toilet training (potties/toilets).

The Sky Room has the same bathroom facilities and also a low level sink at the back of the room and access to our Open Air Kitchen.


All toilets and sinks are size appropriate toilets 

There is also 1 adult sized toilet and hand basin.

Specialist resources we have

We are a purpose built setting - with a sensory pod, separate sleep area.

All Staff qualified with vast experience and range of qualifications - we have a mix of level 6 and level 2

Fully equipped for the ranges of children from 3 months to 5 years.

An 8 seater van for daily trips out - following their interests we extend them by real life opportunities. 

Open Air Kitchen - fully prepared home cooked food and snacks.

All Inclusive Fees



How we include all children in activities, such as trips

We aim to include all children and try an make sure that all children have equal opportunities for visits out in the van. We bare in mind our one dayers and term time only children.

We decide on trips that day - following the needs of the children. We check ratios and staffing etc.

The route is checked and risk assessed for ease of access and suitability.

Depending on individual needs we will access suitable transport and adapt the staffing to ensure inclusion.

We make sure we have all that we need for trips out and carry a first aid kit in the van at all times.

The van is checked weekly.

Last updated: 03/04/2020

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