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Early Help Family Workers

Early Help Family Workers provide support for families with children aged 9 months - 12 years who are able to give their consent and commit to engage in support and who meet the criteria as set out as below.

Support is offered using a range of evidence-based approaches including parenting strategies replicated in the parenting courses available in each locality.

The Family Worker will complete a comprehensive Early Help Assessment which focuses on the needs of the children in the family but also considers the wider needs of the whole family. The intervention of the Family Worker is child centric; workers will meet with the child independently when age appropriate, and consider the child in the context of the wider family, school and community to complete actions from the Early Help Plan and achieve sustainable change.

Family Workers work in partnership with families and respect their views; they explore wider family support networks and resources, and will consider Family Group Conferencing as a means of harnessing support for families and strengthening the ability to cope and their resilience.

Family Workers will also consider the contribution of other services and agencies towards supporting families and will initiate or contribute to the Team Around the Child/Team Around the Family/Early Support process

Actions within the Early Help Plan are regularly reviewed with the family to evidence progress and impact. Interventions will generally last 3-6 months - any longer term work would only be considered under exceptional circumstances.

Family Workers adhere to and work in line with safeguarding policies. Where any risk of harm is assessed as significant and meets the threshold criteria, cases can step up for social work assessment.

Who to contact

01872 322277
Parent organisation
Early Help Hub

Other details


Age ranges
-9 Months to 12 years
Referral required
Referral details

Referral through the EHH

  • Age range -9 months to 12 years
  • Need to have a supported need that doesn’t meet Social Care or CAMHS
  • Parenting issues which cannot be resolved by attending a parenting course and when the child’s behaviour is seriously impacting the family.
  • Supporting parents to understand their child’s behaviour when it is having a significant impact on the family and Solihull strategies and advice, offered by health colleagues, have not had an impact, or are inappropriate due to level of need
  • Family workers can support children with low level anxiety, increasing emotional resilience, recognising and managing their emotions, bereavement and family breakdown.
  • Lack of Meal/ Bed time/ daily routines which are impacting on the family i.e. reduced school attendance or persistent lateness
  • Debt or Housing advice which cannot be supported by a visit to CAB.
  • Supporting families, affected by complex issues, to avoid crisis where they do not meet the criteria for social care and consent to engage in support.

Referral through Early Help Teams

Step down from social care with clear identified needs, following discussions with Early Help co-ordinator and with adherence to the agreed procedure and with consent.

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