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Part-time Flexi School

The Little Forest Flexi School is a programme of part-time educational activities for home-educated children to access at Tamar Lake Forest School. We aim to bring together all the best aspects of home education with a nurturing school community, to provide an individual programme of activities and learning opportunities for your child, which they enjoy and thrive through. Our activities include: Story-telling . Woodland Maths . Yoga . Gardening . Seasonal Projects . Science Discovery . Music . Forest Skills . Group Games . Cooking . Singing . Arts and Crafts We offer a flexible, child-led and relaxed approach to education for young children. Some families feel that the traditional formal full-time school model is not right for their child, but have limited options in offering an alternative. Family life is busy and not everyone is in a position to add ‘teacher’ to the list of parental roles at home. We would like to help by offering quality learning experiences combining creativity, flexibility, outdoor experiences and an individual approach to each child. The forest school ethos runs through all of our activities. This means that whatever the learning aim of the session for your child there will be outdoor activities whenever it is appropriate and the weather allows; there will be child-led time for exploration, consideration and reflection; there will be an emphasis on building confidence, self-esteem and a sense of community within the group. The seasons and the natural world play a central role in our activities, because we aim for children to experience their learning subject directly. Through all learning experiences we are able to focus on individual aims for each child. Come along for a visit and find out if your child would be best suited to a flexi school programme. We are confident that those children for whom this is the right place, will thrive in this positive learning environment.

Who to contact

01288 321474

Where to go

Tamar Lake Forest School
Tamar Lake View
EX22 7LB

Car share service available

Time / date details

When is it on?
We follow six terms of six weeks each, approximately the same as school terms, starting in September 2012.We have information and taster days planned in July. See our website for more information.

Other details


Age ranges
From 4 years to 10 years
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