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TiggerTraining Autistic and Pathological demand Avoidance, Advocate, Consultant and Trainer

Hello, I'm Tigger Pritchard, Awesomely Autistic and an Autistic and Pathological Demand Avoidance, Advocate, Consultant and Trainer. I am a globally recognised Conference presenter, Consultant, trainer and speaker, with over thirty four years of professional experience, and a lifetime of being awesomely Autistic myself. this gives me an understanding of what it means to be Autistic, and the ability to communicate this to others, to support the reduction of anxiety for all. 

I work with individuals, families, corporate organisations and educational settings on a consultancy basis. This includes one to one work and supporting families needing support, plus working in care, educational and other establishments. Across Cornwall and the globe. From my base here in Cornwall, I'm able to reach any family, individual or organisation across the globe. Via any format you choose, (Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facebook etc), and upon any device (Telephone, mobile, tablet, computer and more). Do feel free to get in touch.

​You can contact me via Email, Zoom, Teams, Skype, Phone, any format you feel most comfortable with.​

I've over thirty four years of professional and personal experience. Working alongside, learning from and advocating for neurodivergent individuals. In many different ways: support worker, advocate, teacher, facilitator, trainer, manager, lecturer and friend, its been a long journey, one that I'm still traveling and learning on, personally and professionally. 

I'm a regular presenter delivering for many major organisations and national / international conferences. In addition, I'm a conference organiser, having designed Cornwall's first Pathological Demand Avoidance and online Autism Conferences.

A passionate volunteer, I love supporting various advocacy and support groups in the Autistic and PDA community, I help to run a support group for PDAers and their families in the South West, PDA Together (Facebook), I also volunteer for a local Autistic support organisation, and for a national Autistic led education organisation.

I also offer Podcasts, Instagram and YouTube social media accounts exploring the world of Autistic experiences and sharing information, from The Autistic Coffee Shop pages.

The Autistic Coffee Shop with Tigger Pritchard | Facebook

Who to contact

TiggerTraining Autistic and Pathological demand Avoidance, Advocate, Consultant and Trainer's facebook page

Time / date details

When is it on?
Im available to suit your individual, family or organisational needs. I often work out of the normal "9-5" to support all.
Session information
For family and individual Consultations
up to one hour
as required
for organisations
as required for discussed training sessions etc.

Other details


We will arrange an initial discussion, so I can listen to you, access your needs and decide upon how we progress. A plan of action/timetable will be agreed, costs discussed, (I normally invoice after each session), and we will begin.
Do you offer a free or reduced rate to carers?
Please enter details including what proof is required for the free or reduced rate
Initial Contact and discussion.


Age ranges
From 1 years 0 months to 99 years
Referral required
Referral details

Individuals and families are often referred to myself from other professional agencies, though families and individuals are able to contact myself directly also. 

Last updated: 03/06/2021

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