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Get Out There (GOT Group) and GOT+

Get Out There is a Sense service based in Cornwall for young people with little or no sight. Many of the young people in the group have additional needs such as epilepsy, diabetes, autism, hearing impairments, communication difficulties and limited mobility.

Despite the complexity of these needs the group provides opportunites for the young people to access a wide range of activities. These include theme park visits, train rides, discos, surfing, ice skating, horse riding, power boating and drama.

The ethos of the group is that these young people have as much right to have fun and adventure as other teenagers.

Volunteers receive specialist training to support the young people. This also enables families to receive a much needed short break. The group is very much steered by the young people themselves who make suggestions for new activities and activities they want to do again. The name 'Get Out There' was also chosen by the young people.

Get Out There is delighted to receive support from the charity 'Sense'. The input of Sense contributes to the specialism in supporting the young people and the day-to-day management of staff and volunteers.

Funding for Get Out There is provided through the Cornwall Council 'Aiming Higher for Disabled Children' programme. Get Out There is fully commited to developing an innovative short break service for families of disabled young people people in Cornwall. We would like to thank all those connected to Aiming Higher for providing this valuable opportunity.

We are delighted to announce that we now offer "Got Plus" for young people of 18+ to be able to access similar activities and enjoy one-on-one services. Please feel free to enquire about this service, We listen to the young person's wishes and aim to get them out there too!

Who to contact

07814 272904
Parent organisation
Sense Children's Specialist Service

Other details


Age ranges
From 11 years to 18 years
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