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OneFitMama Mental Health Trust

The OneFitMama Trust was established in 2016 to support mums with their mental health in the uk. This is not restricted to mums that are existing OneFitMama members but any mothers across the UK who are being failed by their health care provider.

Maternal mental health issues affect 1 in 5 women according recent data  and symptoms and severity can vary from mum to mum. Support for these women is very limited and there is often long waiting lists to access what little services are available. We aim to be able to support  these mum's quickly, effectively and lovingly 

We run the OneFitMama maternal Mental Health scheme to give women access to all the OneFitMama programmes for free. Maternal mental health can affect women in many different ways and whether it is isolation or pelvic rehabilitation they need to help their recovery we have the best systems in place to support them.

As we receive no funding for this scheme all money is raised by our passionate and dedicated instructor team who work tirelessly all year to not only implement the scheme but also arrange events all year to ensure we can continue to fund it.

Who to contact

OneFitMama Mental Health Trust's facebook page
OneFitMama Mental Health Trust's twitter page
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