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Core Parenting Programme for New Parents - Delivered via telephone

If you are a new family, our team can deliver the Core Parenting session via phone and internet / email as detailed below. To arrange a phone call with the team, please ring 07973 497409 or 07792 830394 and speak with one of our family workers who will contact you back and schedule these sessions with you.

We have created an easy read pdf of the whole programme which you can download below to give you an indication of what is covered throughout the sessions.

Download Easy Read pdf

Session 1:

On a call, we will talk you through the Parenting Quiz and the Maas and Paas assessments. You can also access this video Getting it Right from the start.

Safer Sleep session:

Visit the Lullaby Trust website and we will arrange a time to deliver the session verbally over the phone.

Basic Care session:

Watch the NHS youtube video ‘Bathing & top and Tailing Baby and we will arrange a time to call you and deliver the session over the phone.

Infant Feeding session:

Visit the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative:   

We will discuss these with you on the phone and answer any questions you may have.

Handle with Care Session:

Visit the NSPCC website. We will speak with you over the phone at go through this.We can the talk through the 'Plan to Manage my Frustration' form.  This video is also a useful guide: Shaking a baby is just not the deal.

Baby’s Brain Development session:

Watch the ‘Getting it Right from the Start’  video. Over the phone, our team will then talk through the Romanian Orphan research about the impact of neglect and talk through what neglect looks like. We will do the Brain Quiz over the phone and talk through what babies need for best brain development.  We recommend you download ‘Building a Happy Baby'.  We can talk this through it with you and answer any questions you may have. We can also cover Healthy Relationships and the Relationship Questionnaire.

Safety session:

Visit the Children Action Prevention Trust website and we will talk this through with you over the phone.

Play session: 

Visit the NHS guide to baby play ideas, which we will dicuss. We will then completee the end of session assessments to help you see how your confidence has improved. We will then complete the evaluation together.

Who to contact

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Together for Families
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Family Workers
07973 497409
07792 830394
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