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Family money matters

In this section you can find information and support relating to finances.

Benefits & Finanical Advice: Find out where you can go to recieve information and advice on your finances. 

Funding Information: Details of organisations offering support to those in financial need, including food banks and charities

Popular Quick Links:

Check your Entitlement for Benefits

Reducing the cost of School Uniform

What is Universal Credit?

How to access a Foodbank

More useful resources:

Money Management

Extra Funding

Reducing costs:

  • Find the Cheapest Petrol Station | 
    After registering, enter your postcode and tell it how far you're willing to travel (up to 20 miles). It'll list the cheapest petrol stations in your area (it says the most up to date figures are displayed, which in practice seems to mean results are between one and four days old) and covers most of the 8,500 forecourts across the UK. 

Cornwall Council Website Links:

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