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Carer Support Tool

Below is a list of areas that you can explore for information, advice and services to help improve your, or the person you care for's, health and wellbeing and development.

Select as many areas as you like to start to build your brochure of resources to achieve your goals. You can save or email it to yourself for use in the future too.

Information and details of services to help you maintain a clean and safe home environment whilst providing care and support to others. Find out about local housing options.

Support specifically for you as a carer.

Details of organisations, networks and services to support you in your caring role.

Information on local activities, groups and clubs to help you develop and maintain an active social life and to develop new relationships in your local community.

Advice on guidance on working and learning related benefits whilst providing care and support to a friend, family or neighbour.

Information, advice and guidance on managing/ avoiding the risk of your health deteriorating as a result of your caring role.

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