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Preparing for School this September

Download the School Checklist (above)

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Starting School Together | PACEY
Starting school is an exciting time for young children and their parents. It can be a daunting time, too. But with a little preparation and encouragement, most children will settle in easily at school, ready to learn and discover.

Our resources and activities include lots of tips and ideas to help you and your child be ready to start school with a smile.

Resources for parents

Resources for childcare professionals and schools

Getting Ready to Start Primary School | Place2Be
Starting primary school is an important step which can be both exciting and a little bit scary for you and your child. 

As parents and carers, preparing for this change and making sure that your child has a good start at school can feel difficult, but there are many ways in which we can help our children – and ourselves – feel ready.

- How can I support my child through big changes?
Some ways to help your child deal with new things in their lives

- How do I know if my child is ready to start school?
The basic skills your child needs to have the best possible beginning at school.

How can I help prepare my child for starting school?
Skills you can practice together at home to help the first few weeks go smoothly.

- How can I help my child learn?
Tips for encouraging your child’s curiosity, to help them learn in class and throughout their life

- How can I prepare myself?
There are several ways in which you can look after and find time for yourself.

- Helpful links
More practical advice, resources and information for families about this big step.

Starting Primary School | BBC Bitesize

A child’s transition into education is an exciting time for the whole family. You and your child may have questions about how life is going to change. What will primary school life be like? What can you do to prepare yourself and your child for the very best start?

The Starting Primary School campaign offers a toolkit of practical advice, support and resources for parents, guardians and children across a wide range of areas including school life, daily routine, sleep and how to support children practically and emotionally.

Starting Primary School also provides video and articles for parents featuring information from experts and been-there-done-that tips from other parents. Your children can also explore their questions about school by playing a fun interactive game. 

Hungry Little Minds

Hungry Little Minds Logo

We have created a list of fun and affordable activities and groups suitable for 0 to 5's with a focus on music, the outdoors, language development and storytelling. Follow the link below to see what you can do in Cornwall.

Find a Group to feed their Mind!

  • Hungry Little Minds - Ideas and Activities for 0 to 6 Months

    Simple ideas and activities to try with your child: In your routine Let your baby splash at bath time. Talk about what’s happening and how it feels. Say the same words and do the same actions over and over – things like pouring water on…

  • Hungry Little Minds - Ideas and Activities for 6 - 12 Months

    Simple ideas and activities to try with your child: In your routine Try doing actions that go with what you’re saying – like waving when you say ‘Hello.’ You can do this every morning when your child wakes up.   On the go When you…

  • Hungry Little Minds - Ideas and Activities for 12 to 24 Months

    In your routine At mealtimes, say the names of the foods your child is eating and say what they’re like, using words like ‘crunchy’, ‘squishy’, ‘sour’, ‘cold’, ‘warm’. Give your child choices, so that they can hear and understand more words. For example, ‘Do you…

  • Hungry Little Minds - Ideas and Activities for 2 to 3 Year Olds

    Simple ideas and activities to try with your child: In your routine Do daily tasks with your child. Talk about what you are doing and why you are doing it. When hanging up the washing, you could say ‘The clothes are wet, let’s hang them…

Read more about Hungry Little Minds on the campaign website:

The Road to School Readiness Poster

The Ready to START School Guide

Peterborough Local Authority have allowed us to share their brilliant document detailing their 'START' top tips for preparing for school. You can download a PDF version from the button below, but please do bare in mind that the services listed in the full document are for residents of Peterborough.

Contact Cornwall's Family Information Service on 0800 587 8191 if you require signposting to our version of the services mentioned in the guide in Cornwall. 

Download the full 'Ready to START School' Guide


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