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Pre-Handwriting Exercises For Older Children With Dyspraxia

As the child becomes older, handwriting is a major problem both with legibility and speed. Sometimes this is due to poor perception of various sorts or poor physical control. A variety of exercises are recommended to improve control. The older child can be taught those which are considered most appropriate and they can be used before every handwriting session.

  • Twiddle thumbs with hands laced together, wrists resting on desk
  • Inch fingers up and down a pencil using a tripod grip
  • Rotate a pencil with fingers, do no rest against desk top or body
  • Hook index fingers together and pull. Report with other fingers
  • Squeeze a firm (but not hard) rubber ball. Hold for an increasing number of seconds
  • Press hands together as hard as possible; elbows out
  • Put fingers and thump together in steeple. Press. Spread/close fingers
  • Adopt good sitting position, feet flat on the floor, back against backrest of chair.
  • Hold edge of chair with 2 hands
  • Push self up; lean right and lean left.
  • Shrug 2 shoulders
  • Shake 2 hands up in air
  • Wriggle fingers
  • Touch each finger on right hand with right thumb, as fast as possible. Repeat with left thumb and left fingers
  • Put a row of counters, coins on desk. Turn them over as fast as possible using thumb and index finger only
  • Hold several small objects in the palm of one hand. Keeping then in one hand, manipulate them, isolating each on in turn, between thumb and forefinger before putting on table
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