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Transition: Autism Spectrum Team

What the Child Can Do:

  • Take photos of people and places on visits to the new school
  • Find key places and mark on a map E.g. dining room
  • Practise getting changed for P.E. quickly using a timer
  • Contribute to the Communication Passport
  • Practise using relaxation techniques for difficult times at school and when arriving home from school
  • Find out who they will know at their new school and if possible, arrange to see them in the holidays or practise travelling to school with them

How Parents and Carers Can Help:

  • Create an information display area  at home
  • Establish a routine for bag packing
  • Decide lunch arrangements
  • Communicate regularly with the child’s Key Worker or the school's Autism Champion
  • Support organisation and use of a planner
  • Practise the trip to and from school during the summer holidays
  • Attend transition meetings with staff from the primary school and secondary school
  • Always be positive about the school when talking to the child or if they are listening
  • Attend the Autism Spectrum Team Transition Workshop with school staff

How the Primary School Can Help:

  • Write a Communication Passport  for the secondary school
  • Develop the child’s independent learning skills and introduce a wider range of key staff
  • Arrange Transition meetings with secondary school and parents/carers
  • Ensure new school knows about useful resources and equipment
  • Take a photo of workstation 
  • Invite secondary school staff to visit the child and their key workers in school
  • Arrange an enhanced transition programme, using a transition timeline
  • Support child to use a transition workbook during visits to the new school
  • Attend Autism Spectrum Team Transition workshop with parents/carers

How the Secondary School Can Help:

  • Arrange 1:1 and small group transition visits
  • Provide a clear map of the school and adapted version of the school's timetable
  • Have an Autism Champion
  • Complete a Transition Timeline
  • Offer Social Skills intervention
  • Use prompt cards, differentiated planners & Time Out
  • Create a buddy system or Circle of Friends
  • Create Transition Pack (with photos) for the child to look at during the summer holiday
  • Have a Homework Club and/or be flexible with arrangements
  • Arrange informal coffee morning for selected parents
  • Observe the child in the primary setting and meet the child and their key worker
  • Attend Autism Spectrum Team Transition workshop with parents and primary school staff.

 Questions To Ask the School: 

  • Does your child's new school have an Autism Champion?
  • Can my child attend a Homework Club?
  • When was the school’s last Autism Awareness training?
  • Does the school have opportunities for my child to exercise their special interest?
  • Does the school offer a Social Skills intervention that my child can attend if they need it?


Useful  website Links:

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  • Type in Transition

Autism Education Trust:

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