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Council Tax Reduction Scheme - Disabled Reduction

This gives help towards your Council tax bill if the appropriate disability criteria are satisfied.

To qualify for a reduction your home must contain either:

  • a room which is not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory and is mainly used for meeting the needs of a disabled person - for example, a room set aside for dialysis or other therapy
  • an extra bathroom or kitchen for use by the disabled person
  • extra space inside the property to allow for use of a wheelchair

The use of an additional room as a bedroom may qualify for the disabled reduction where there is a link between the applicant's disability and the use of the room as a bedroom, for example:

  • a disabled person who is unable to use their customary bedroom because of mobility problems or other impairments
  • members of a couple who have to use separate bedrooms because of interruptions to sleep caused by their disabling conditions
  • an extra bedroom needed for a carer
  • where use of a room as a bedroom prevents or changes the use and occupation of the room by the rest of the household

If a room within your household is being used as an additional bedroom and there is a significant link between the use of the room and the person's disability, please provide evidence of this when submitting your application form.

The person with the disability could be an adult or a child. The extra room or facility must be essential to enable them to live in the property or to prevent their health suffering or their disability becoming more severe.

If you qualify for this reduction your council tax charge will be reduced by one property band; for example, if you currently pay a band C charge your new charge will be reduced to a band B charge. If you live in a band A property your council tax will be reduced by a ninth (1/9) of the band D charge.

Use this online form to apply for a disabled reduction.  You will be asked to provide your council tax account number and an email address.  You will be asked the effective date, disabled persons name, nature of disability and grounds for application.

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