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Social Skills-Interaction resources

Social Skills-Interaction resources:

  • ‘Comic Strip Conversations: Illustrated Interactions that Teach Conversation Skills to Students with Autism and Related Disorders’ by Carol Gray.
  • (Also see
  • ‘Social Stories’ resources, by Carol Gray.
  • There is further information regarding both of the above Carol Gray resources (and lots of other information) on the National Autistic Society website:
  • The ‘Talkabout’ series of social skills resource books by Alex Kelly.
  • The Incredible 5 point scale – Assisting students in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotional responses, 2nd edition, by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis


A 5 Is Against the Law! Social Boundaries: Straight Up! An honest guide for teens and young adults by Kari Dunn Buron intervention that identifies and explains how to handle different levels of anxiety, frustration, and anger

The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults 2nd Edition by Brend Smith Myles, Melissa L. Trautma and Rhonda L. Schelvan.

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