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Gardening for Children - Indoor Gardening Projects

If you don't have access to your own garden, that doesn't mean your children need to miss out on the experience of gardening. There are many activities to inspire them and aid their development that can be carried out in the home.

BBC Indoor Gardening Projects:

The BBC Website has lots of great gardening ideas for children.

Create Edible Crystalised Flowers:

Ingredients are simple – egg whites and castor sugar.

  1. Take the egg white and whisk it lightly 
  2. Sprinkle sugar evenly over the wet petals and place flower face down on greaseproof paper.
  3. Leave flowers to dry for about 24 hours – thicker blooms, such as cornflowers, may need longer.

Cress Letters and Shapes:

Have you ever tried creating art with Cress? See this guide to creating letters and shapes - you could create any design you wanted.

Decorate or create a plant pot

Grow a mini allotment

The RHS Website has great instructions for creating a windowsill allotment! Learn about quick growing micro greens - ready to harvest in just 10-15 days.

Hydroponics: Growing without soil!

Did you know you can grow many things using just water? Check out this guide and activity: Hydroponics made easy - Science Buddies 

Re-grow Fruit and Vegetables from Scraps:

See this child friendly guides for more ways to grow:


Terrariums are tiny ecosystems in containers, like fish bowls and jars. 

Hobbycraft have a great guide to creating your very own, including what to add to it and instructions for assembly. 

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