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Preparing for Secondary School- Year 5 and 6 Transition planning

Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycles.

Consider individual needs ready for secondary transfer

Summer Term Year 5: Annual Review Meeting

(Even if an EHC plan review has already been held in Year 5)

A thorough review of EHC plan takes place;

  • Review of individual's needs and evidence any changes in needs.
  • Detail progress over time
  • Provide updates from professionals and agencies working with pupil
  • Evidence level of pupil's independence in learning, communication and personal care
  • Ensure provision sections capture the support in place or required over the next year
  • Accessibility needs are identified and captured within provision sections.
  • Parental preferences for secondary school, including transport needs are documented.
  • Requests for changes to the level of provision within primary and secondary school are considered.

Preparing the pupil for transition 

Consider physical, social, emotional development needs. Develop the pupil's independent learning, communication and personal care skills.

Autmn Term Year 6: Primary school should...

  • Liaise with the Statutory SEN Service to confirm parental preferences for secondary school placement
  • Ongoing liaison with families yet to express a preference for secondary school placement or where agreement has not yet been reached
  • Assess, plan, do, review cycles include progress towards transition planning

Transition Guidance

Read the Transition guide and employ a range of strategies to effectively plan for a smooth transition

Spring/Summer Term Year 6

Statutory SEN Service issue amended EHC plan by 15th February, naming school placement

Primary and Secondary school joint planning

  • Ongoing liaison between key staff in pupil's primary school and new secondary school towards transition and accessibility planning, ready for September.
  • Liaison with relevant agencies to identify training needs for secondary school staff.
  • Training for secondary school staff delivered in readiness for September.
  • Ongoing support to pupil preparing for transition

Annual review meeting 

  • Invite secondary school SENCO to attend review

  • Annual Review of Year 6 pupil should be held between February and May half terms

  • Review meeting completed in line with EHC Plan review guidelines.

  • Review and revise outcomes as required.

Proposed amendments to EHC plan sent to Statutory casework officer for Statutory SEN Panel to consider any requests for changes in provision.


Revised EHC plan issued.

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