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Wise Guides - for Carers and Older People

Independent Age have created straightforward and readable information for older people, in a series of books called Wise Guides.

They're packed full with helpful tips, good ideas and valuable insights to help boost your income, find support, stay independent and choose the right care home.

You can look at each chapter online or listen through Soundcloud.

Advice for later life

Wise Guide 1

Advice for later life - support and entitlements for over 65's

Discover how to:

  • boost your pension and cut bills
  • make your home safer and easier to manage
  • join the online community without getting scammed
  • stay fit, healthy and happy
  • get out and about for as long as you can


Caring for someone

Caring for someone - How to get the support you need

This guide explains your rights and the benefits, services and support that may be available to help you look after someone else. It covers:

  • What it means to be a carer
  • Caring for someone with dementia
  • Getting a carer's assessment
  • Practical support
  • Financial support
  • Taking care of yourself
  • When your caring role ends.

Choosing where to live

Choosing where to liveHow to find the right option for you

There are many reasons why you might be considering where to live as you get older. Health and mobility difficulties, changes to your household size, and a wish to be closer to family and friends, or to shops and services, are a few examples. This guide helps you to consider your options. It looks at:

  • Is your home right for you?
  • Deciding your priorities
  • Staying where you are
  • Moving, and the different housing options available
  • Getting help with the move

Choosing a care home

Wise Guide 4

Choosing a care home - support and advice to get the best from your home

You'll find out how to:

  • spot a well or poorly run care home
  • choose the best way to meet care costs
  • claim the help you're due towards fees
  • have a positive care home experience
  • ensure your wishes are respected however frail you become

Extra help at home

Wise Guide 2

Extra help at home - essential advice for over 65's to live independently

Discover how to:

  • reduce your risk of a fall
  • get the best out of a hospital visit
  • get help with your garden
  • get a grant to adapt your home


Getting help at home

Getting help at home - Ways to stay independent

Whether you need some help to care for yourself, changes to your home to make it more suitable, or just a hand with household chores, there are places you can find help. This guide looks at:

  • Getting help with household chores
  • Equipment and adaptations to make life easier
  • Gadgets to make you feel safer
  • Staying connected at home
  • Extra money if you need help to look after yourself
  • Home from hospital help
  • Help with personal care at home
  • Making a complaint

Healthy, happy, contented

Wise Guide 3

Healthy, happy, contented - support and advice for older people living alone

Discover how to:

  • find social groups and classes in your area
  • keep in touch by learning to use a computer
  • find local volunteering opportunities
  • take simple steps to feel healthier
  • get help if you feel down

Moneywise - how to boost income and cut bills

Moneywise - How to boost your income and cut your bills.

Money can be tight at times, especially once we retire and find ourselves living on a fixed income while our fuel bills, travel costs and general living expenses go up every year. Yet many older people are missing out on hundreds of pounds of entitlements they could be due, or paying over the odds for their bills.

We have launched a new free advice guide that could help you boost your income and cut your bills – by claiming benefits you may not have realised you’re entitled to, getting help with energy costs and shopping around to find the best deals for you.

Staying in control when you're older

Staying in control when you're older

Anyone can experience neglect or abuse – it is no reflection on their intelligence, strength or worth. You don’t have to live with it, there is help available.

Looking out for someone who is being mistreated is everyone’s business.Neglect and abuse can take many forms. Some examples include: 

  • Someone who looks after your money using it inappropriately
  • Someone ignoring you when you need help
  • Someone giving you the wrong dose of medicine or making you wear too many or too few clothes
  • Someone who leaves you hungry, in pain or cold whether they are doing it deliberately or not.

Your health and the NHS

Wise Guide 5

Your health and the NHS - helping you get the care you need as you get older

You'll find out about:

  • where you can, other than your GP, for your healthcare needs
  • all the free checks and screenings you're entitled to
  • help getting home after a hospital stay
  • what your rights are and how to make a complaint


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