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Cheaper School Uniform in Cornwall

We will be updating this page with more information throughout the year! If you are aware of any school uniform sales, please let us know!

We've had many queries from proactive parents who are preparing to sort out uniforms. So we thought we'd prepare a post to assist those with queries about where to find cheaper/second-hand uniforms.

Cornwall Council does not provide a grant for school uniforms. 

Helpful Tips

  • A good place to start is by contacting your local school; they often have a second-hand uniform for sale at a discounted cost, usually from the office. Many local schools also host second-hand uniform sales throughout the year.
  • Be sure you know what your child needs so you are not buying items that are not needed. 
  • Do you have family/friends you can pass any uniform that is not needed/doesn't fit?

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook can be a useful tool when searching for cheaper uniforms, see if your school has a uniform selling page.  Here we have listed some.

Penpol School 2nd hand uniform  Facebook group for sharing information on 2nd hand uniform, PE kits and shoes for Penpol School. 

Truro, Probus, Grampound, Roseland School uniform swap and sell is a Facebook group you can join.

Newquay School Uniforms is a Facebook group you can join. Why throw good items away when someone can make good use of it.

Newquay Free School Uniform Forum is a Facebook group that has been set up to source completely free school uniforms for local families. All school clothing advertised is for free or for swap only, helping to limit the cost of school uniforms for the local area

St Austell Area School and Club Uniforms is a Facebook group you can join. You can buy, swap, or sell primary and secondary school uniforms/club uniforms in the St Austell area. St Austell

Falmouth,Penryn and surrounding areas - Second-hand uniforms available

Launceston school uniforms is a Facebook group that has been set up to source completely free school uniforms for local families. All school clothing advertised is for free or for swap only, helping to limit the cost of school uniforms for the local area

Redruth School uniform buy / sell / swap | Facebook an active group with uniform for sale and some for free. 

We have collated a few other Facebook groups below which may be of use.


Camborne Science & International Academy - CSIA launched its Online Second Hand Uniform Shop on the 28 February 2022, providing the opportunity for families to donate items of high-quality uniforms and enable items of uniforms to be purchased at a lower than retail price; encouraging a culture of re-use and keep perfectly usable items out of the landfill.

Hayle Academy  - Please get in touch with the school, you may be able to get a second-hand uniform. 

Pool Academy  - Our second-hand uniform shop is open every day 3pm -4pm or contact the school. Parents can donate items of high-quality uniforms/ PE kit to the Main reception 

Redruth School - Re-Loved school uniform and equipment sales and swaps of pre-loved items happen three times a year towards the end of each term. Keep an eye on Redruth School School on Facebook for the next event or contact

St Ives School - Second hand uniform items are available on request from the School. Parents wishing to request second hand uniform should contact their child’s Year Leader.  

Foxhole Learning Academy  - please contact Stephanie Wright who is kindly coordinating a 'uniform swap' for families. Stephanie can be contacted on 07598844862 or via Facebook messenger.  

Cape Cornwall School  - Second-hand uniform items are available on request from the school. Parents wishing to request second-hand uniforms should contact their child’s Head of Upper or Lower School. 

Penrice Academy has allocated funding available to support families in hardship to purchase uniforms – please get in contact with 

Bodmin College - If you are struggling to purchase any uniform items please get in touch with your child’s Head of Year and they will be able to help. 

Callington Community College  - second uniform shop here; Uniformd. It has a host of items, all arranged by size, and the number of items available is clearly indicated, along with the price.  

Saltash Community School - We appreciate that for some families, the cost of uniform and equipment can be expensive. We are always willing to subsidise the cost of these essentials for your child. If you would like financial assistance with the above, please contact Mrs D King by emailing or your child’s Head of Year.

Wadebridge School - The Children’s Hospice South West Charity shop currently sell our recycled uniform; it is situated just off the bridge, between Bridge Sports and Barny’s Fish and Chips.  Any donations of uniform/PE kit can be dropped directly to the shop. 

Other Places to look

Keep an eye on eBay - It is a fantastic place to go when it comes to finding high-quality, second-hand uniforms.

Supermarkets have great summer deals on school uniform basics, like socks, trousers and skirts. Supermarkets such as LIDL and Aldi often have ‘Special Buys’ at cheaper prices than most other stores.

Look out for 'Nearly New' sales happening regularly throughout Cornwall.

St Austell Revival Together Clothing Bank- aims to support people in need by providing at no charge good, clean clothing donated by the community, supplying as wide a range of clothes as possible- from babies’, maternity and children’s clothes, school uniforms, and shoes to adult clothing, hats and gloves. We also supply bedding, towels and toiletries.

The Children’s Hospice South West Charity Shop often has second-hand uniforms for Wadebridge School. You can call ahead to check on 01208 895513.

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