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Transition top tips: Questions for parents to ask

Questions for parents/carers to consider asking their child's new school

  • What does 'inclusion' mean to you as a school?

  • Who is the Special Educational Needs Coordinator?

  • How and when are pupils offered additional support?

  • Will there be extra adults working with my child?

  • How does 'pastoral care' operate in the school?

  • Who is responsible for Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and writing one page profiles (or equivalent)?

  • How is progress of the one page profile reviewed and who will be involved?

  • What homework support would be available for my child?

  • How does the school communicate with parents of children with additional needs?

  • What support will be in place for new pupils with additional needs?

  • How would my child be encouraged to make new friends?

  • How would my child be encouraged to be independent?

  • Are other arrangements available for lunch and break times?

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