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Adding a father's name to a birth certificate

Re-register your child’s birth to add the natural father’s details to the birth record.

The form you fill in depends on whether:

Take the completed form to the register office. If you’re not married and one of you can’t be there, that person also needs to fill in a ‘Statutory declaration of acknowledgement of parentage’ form and post it to the General Register Office.


Getting a new birth certificate

If you want a new birth certificate you’ll have to order one separately - you don’t get one automatically when you re-register the birth.

If the wrong father is named on the current birth certificate, you can ask for a correction. That will remove the wrong father’s name. Then you can re-register the birth with the right father’s name.

If there’s been a ‘Declaration of Parentage’

A Declaration of Parentage is when the court decides who the father of a baby is. You don’t need to do anything to change the birth record if there’s been a Declaration of Parentage made by a court. The court will tell the General Register Office and the birth will be re-registered. You’ll need to order a new birth certificate if you want one.

Child Benefit

You can’t apply for Child Benefit through the Tell Us Once service but you may be able to have your claim verified at your appointment. This means that you won’t have to buy a second birth certificate to send off with your claim form.

Ask your local registrar if you can do this when you make your Tell Us Once appointment.

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