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I need help with shopping

If you are unable to do your own shopping and need help, please see this information for advice.

I can't get to the shops, who can help?

Most supermarkets now offer a home delivery service. This is usually when the order is placed online via a computer with card payment.

Sainsbury’s also offer a telephone service for people who do not have/wish to use online ordering which is 0800 328 1700.

You may also find that your local shop offers a home delivery service.

You can also contact the local Red Cross to ask if they have any volunteers who can support you for a short time if you are perhaps off your feet following an operation.  

There are companies in Cornwall which supply frozen meals, contact your local one to make an order.

Also, most care agencies offer a shopping service but this must be paid for, and is rarely part of a support package supplied via Education, Health and Social Care.

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