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I need help getting dressed

If you are needing help to get dressed by yourself, please see the questions to find advice.  However, if you cannot find a suitable answer, contact the Access Service (Adult Social Care) for further guidance.

I have difficulty with some aspects of dressing, e.g. buttons and stockings, what can I do to help myself?

If you are able to get yourself dressed on most days but tend to struggle with 'fiddly bits' such as buttons or stockings, there are lots of aids and equipment available to purchase that can support you. You can contact your local mobility centre.

I have difficulty getting dressed/undressed some days, what help is there?

If you have difficulty in getting dressed some days, you may find that there is a piece of equipment available to purchase that can support you, contact your local mobility centre.  Also, perhaps consider sitting down whilst dressing if standing is an issue.

Alternatively, you may find that having a carer to come in and support you some days of the week may be beneficial.  You might be eligible for the Attendance Allowance which is a non-means tested benefit available via the Department of Work and Pensions, which you can use to support any costs you may incur.

I am unable to get myself dressed/undressed without the support of another, is there any help available?

If you are not able to get yourself dressed or undressed without the support of someone else, you may require an Assessment of Need to see if you would benefit from re-ablement or a package of care. You can either source and fund this privately or you can ask for an assessment from Education, Health and Social Care. Please feel free to contact them on 0300 1234 131, select option 2.

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