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Needs Assessment - Adult Social Care

A needs assessment is a chance for us to look at your social care needs and work with you to find out which services will best help you to maintain your wellbeing and independence.

We will look at all your needs and create a support plan with you.

There is no charge for a needs assessment.

Social care needs will be based on things you may need help with, such as:

  • Making sure you eat well
  • Looking after yourself
  • Being able to move around your home
  • Being able to look after your home
  • Having contact with family and friends
  • Being able to access other community activities, such as work opportunities or education
  • Emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • Other caring responsibilities you may have
  • Supporting your family and friends to care for you

Who’s eligible for help?

Your needs assessment will look at all your needs and check whether any of them meet the national eligibility criteria for adult social care. Our assessor will work with you to create a support plan for your eligible social care needs.

You will have eligible needs if you meet all of the following:

  • You have care and support needs as a result of a physical or mental condition
  • Because of those needs, you can’t achieve two or more of the outcomes specified in your needs assessment
  • As a result, there is a significant impact on your wellbeing

Together we’ll work out how much your independence and wellbeing is at risk if you don’t have help.

Further information

Website:  Cornwall Council

Telephone:  0300 1234 131


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