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Starting school checklist

Do you have a child starting school this September?

Starting school this year is going to look a little bit different, but there are lots of things you can be doing at home over the next few weeks to get ready!

 Walk past the school, see if you can see the EYFS classroom
Talk about School. What are they looking forward too?
Practise getting dressed in their new uniform. If their name is on the label inside, show them where and what to look for.
Give your child some words which they can use to ask someone to play
Is there anything they are worried about?
Play turn taking and sharing games. 
Play schools together.

Give them some words to ask for help from an adult.
Practice asking to go to the toilet
Sit at the table together to eat
Look at the school website together, talk about the photographs, can they spot their class teacher?
Think about bedtime routines, share a story together. For ideas visit the BBC tiny happy people website.
Read together – not just sharing books but also when you are out and about. Spot words and have a guess at what they might say! 
Tell your child what you will be doing while they are at school, so that they don’t worry about you

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