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Inspiration for Leisure at Home

Are you wanting to do some leisure activities in your home e.g. gardening or exercise, but need some help in doing so? Or perhaps it's a rainy day and you would like some ideas on how to pass time.

Staying connected with your family, friends and wider community digitally will help reduce any feelings of isolation,  SeeAbility has some guides and tips to make it easier.

I would like to get my garden looking tidy, who can support me?

There are many local garden companies who can come and tidy your garden on an ad hoc or regular basis for a fee. If you receive Attendance Allowance, you could use this money to pay for gardeners.

If you'd like some inspiration, why not contact the Mobile Library Service and see if they have some gardening books available.

I would like to do activities at home, where can I find information?

There are many different crafts that can be done at home, either alone or in a group. Local libraries can usually advise on what is happening in your area and signpost you, so that you can see if these activities can be done at home.

Websites like Age UK have ideas for new hobbies and pastimes you can take part in at home, you could even invite others to join you. 

Mobile Library Service can deliver straight to your home.

Eden Project Communities also have lots of ideas to keep you active and involved in your community. 

I want to be able to do some exercise at home to build up my strength, how can I achieve this?

Please first check with your GP that what you want to do is suitable for you.

GPs can usually link you up to a local leisure centre/physiotherapist who can advise you on suitable exercises.

If you need to exercise as a result of an injury/physical disability, it is best to consult with a physiotherapist/occupational therapist for this.  GPs can refer you for this service.

The NHS Website has a list of gentle exercises with step-by-step instructions for exercises focusing on strength, flexibility and balance, with a set of sitting exercises to get you started.

You can buy many small pieces of equipment to use at home, for example, skipping rope, weights, rowing machine, to help with your fitness.

You may also find there is a group of like-minded people who would be happy to come to your home and all do an activity together such as yoga to a DVD or dancing.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can access many free apps with short fitness classes and exercise routines to suit you.

SPARC Sport can bring sporting activities to you.

Is there anybody I can talk to who will listen?

There are many different agencies that you can call to talk to, either for advice and support, or just someone to listen so that you can offload your worries.  

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