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Advice, information and money matters

Please take a moment to view the support available to you during covid-19.

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Here you will find a list of services, organisations and charities that provide information and guidance for carers.

You will find services that can provide

  • Organisations offering advice specifically for Carers
  • Support based upon your cared-for's diagnosis
  • Details of financial help and funding for carers and their cared for
  • Support for when things change such as bereavement and a new diagnosis' 

You will also find organisations that offer local informative support to carers

Emergency Carers Card Scheme (18+)

The Emergency Carers Card Scheme is for carers who are concerned about what would happen if they were taken ill, in an accident or if another emergency stopped them from getting to the person they care for. The scheme gives peace of mind that, should something happen to prevent you from providing care, the person you care for will not be left without support. This enables the person you care for to receive the care they need whilst remaining in their own home until the emergency is over or until other arrangements can be made.

Cornwall's Carers Register

If you provide care and support to a friend or family member who lives in Cornwall, you can join our local Carer's Register. You can register regardless of the amount or type of care you provide, your financial means or your own level of need for support. You do not have to live with the person you are looking after or be caring full-time to register. By registering your details, we will keep you up to date with the latest news and developments for carers. Also, the information you provide about yourself and the person you care for helps us better understand the needs of our local caring community and shapes how we support carers in the future.

Advice & Information

Services offering advice and information to carers. This includes local library services, military support services and useful publications for later life. 

Carers Forum Meetings

Carers Partnership Board

Kernow Carers Service

Library & Information Services

Military Support Services

View all Advice & Information Services

Benefits & Financial Advice

Services offering advice and information regarding benefits, debts and savings. You can find out if you are entitled to particular benefits, how to save on energy bills and which money-saving courses are available in your area.

Money & Legal Advice – Age UK

Carers Allowance - GOV.UK

View all Benefit & Financial Advice Services


Services offering grants to individuals and communities. You can also find out about student funding, food/wood/clothing banks and charities supporting local causes. 

Citizens Advice Cornwall

View all Funding Services

Legal Advice

Services in Cornwall offering legal advice or support such as mediation. You will also find services that explain your rights if you are in a situation you are unsure about. 

Citizens Advice Cornwall

View all Legal Advice Services

Where can I find support for the person I care for?

If the person you care for is aged under 25, you can find all the services and organisations offering support in our SEND Local Offer. You can search by subject, selecting the relevant icons from the homepage, or alternatively search by Medical Condition

If the person you care for is over 25, you can find all services and support under the Adult section of our website. You can see support based on their diagnosis, find activities that are supported as well as view details of organisations that can offer support at home.

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