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Long term conditions

This section is for Adults aged over 25 who have a long term condition.

Long term conditions are health conditions, often described as chronic, that last a year or longer. A long term condition can be anything from asthma to multiple sclerosis. The condition will often impact on a person’s life and may require ongoing care and support.

There are often charities and other services available to provide advice on ways to manage a condition, some of which we’ve gathered here, select a condition to find out about support available. 

I am in need of support

A needs assessment is a chance for us to look at your social care needs and work with you to find out which services will best help you to maintain your wellbeing and independence.

Try our Self Help Tool to see where you need extra support. You can then refer you answers to Adult Social Care.

Alternatively, contact Adult Social Care using the details below:

Website:  Cornwall Council

Telephone:  0300 1234 131


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